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"Kevin Sorbo is so handsome that it is hard to see that he is highly talented."

Unfortunately, I don't remember where I have grabbed this very accurate statement, so I am unable to give proper credit. Still I decided to use it on the site because it is far more better formula than any I can come with.



The man's beauty has quality of inspiring suspicions of the milieu - too often its possessor is a priori perceived either as stupid person or as the inveterate scoundrel. Charisma may be a gift and a curse. One of the reasons I call myself his fan is Sorbo's courage - he is not afraid to present his beauty to the hero, when it is requested, and he doesn't fear to make faces, when it is needed.



Sorbo gives us many reasons to drool, doesn't he?

The man can wear a burlap bag (like in Eire episodes of H:TLJ) or unpretentious shirt+boxers costume (like in Andromeda's "D Minus Zero") and still look sexy. May be, Kevin is just too gorgeous for his own good... It drives me mad to read or hear stupid 'He's too pretty to be a dramatic actor'. Yes, he just happen to know how to wear his skin as professional clothing. Yes, he is lovely, sexy, charming, hunky, attractive, fetching, handsome, tempting, cute, hot, alluring, funny. And yes, he is creative, shy, smart, talented, witty, sincere, ironic, kind, natural, sensitive, earnest, tactful, upright, caring, profound. And all facets are beautifully put together... I am enjoying all of them - hopefully you too, or what are you doing here on this page otherwise?

And if, by some sheer luck, you are that non-Internet guy named Kevin Sorbo, I suggest you to blush, then chuckle, and then burst out laughing!


With all due deference to the casual and male fans of Mr.Sorbo I feel myself under obligation to warn them that they may have spend their leisure with more benefit and enjoyment doing anything else but clicking following links:
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- Does it embarrass you when women tell you how good looking you are? -- Kevin Sorbo: Not at all. Who wouldn't like that to be happening to him... (28.08.97 Universal Chat)
Kevin Sorbo: As far as being a sex symbol, I certainly don't think I'm God's gift to women. I guess it comes with the territory and that's fine. Who's going to turn down that crown if it's offered? ((08).97 Some TVchannel site)
- I just want to tell you that you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. -- Kevin Sorbo: Thank you, they're my fathers. I borrow them for the show! (05.10.98 WPIX TV News chat)
- What you dislike most about your appearance? -- Kevin Sorbo: My nose. (01.01.03 KS Official site)


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