The article says that Fireworks was thinking about cancelling both Mutant X and Andromeda and, "Enter Tribune Entertainment President Dick Askin, who persuaded Fireworks to keep producing Andromeda. "Because of Roddenberry and star Kevin Sorbo, Andromeda has always been a bigger project on a global basis," Askin says." (17.05.04 Broadcasting and Cable)


Kevin Sorbo was quite frank about being displeased with certain aspects of Andromeda. One aspect being the lack of Trance which in the beginning of season 5 hasn't been rectified, according to Kevin. Kevin said that he thought the writers had written themselves into a corner with Trance and were intimidated by what they made the character into. Kevin admitted that he didn't know where the writers were going with season 5 and hoped they didn't make Dylan look stupid. Kevin also seemed a bit puzzled and frustrated that the writers couldn't say where they were going with the show, giving me the impression that he wasn't happy with the answer given by the writers. Kevin mentioned that Sci Fi expressed interest in a 6th season of Andromeda but have been dragging their feet in making a 6th season happen. (21.08.04 Ex Isle - Report from London Convention by LittleRedhead)


Kevin has apparently begged the writers not to leave him hanging at the end of S5, and to wrap up the loose ends. (24.08.04 Ex Isle - Report from London Convention by Cyberhippie)


Naomi Janzen (writer): [Seefra System is] the wild, wild west. In fact, Dylan has to bring his sense of order and Commonwealth values to this microcosm. It's just more up close and personal than ever before. Dylan is a man that is tested in new ways. He's going to find out more about his special destiny and how that comes into play. <...> This season, we learn some things about the 300 years in the black hole that are quite surprising. We're going to find out that it wasn't the suspension of animation that we think it is, that Dylan thinks it was.<...> The actors having fun on set; their interaction is fun. They are bringing more of their own kind of stuff to it, beyond what's in the script. Little moments and things.
Bob Engels (head writer): Keith [Hamilton Cobb] is on "The Young and the Restless" now, so there are always contractual problems. But I would love to have Keith back. There's a plan to do that. Same with Brent [Stait]. He's an easier one to do. <...> The concept of the worldship is that it's a lot of planets stuck together. They got most of it. But some of it, a lot of it, would still be functioning. The fact of the matter is that that's why Dylan took off. By letting Andromeda go into it, he only damaged it for a number of years. But the Abyss is still there, the Abyss is still powerful. (20.09.04 Read full version on
The Official Andromeda Web Site)


"We tracked down star and producer Kevin Sorbo to get the lowdown on what's coming up." Season 5 is set 308 years into the past, i.e. just prior to the Nietzschean betrayal and the battle of Hephaistos. The main story arc appears to be about Dylan deciding whether he should warn the Commonwealth about the impending betrayal of the Nietszcheans and how he would convince the Commonwealth he is right and not a loon. Kevin said all the characters "get sucked back with Dylan". He does indicate that both Harper and Rommie are killed, though Harper is back. (09.04 Cult Times Special # 31)

Kevin's interview may be given far in advance, which means his opinion on the season was based on preparatory discussions. Average time from taking interview to it publication for this mag is about 5 months.


Bob Engels (head writer): "By propelling the characters into a new place and making them fight their way back to the old place, I thought that was a way to do something new and revitalize the series." (10.04 Dreamwatch #1, US)


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