Dharma and Greg



the ABC TV-series from century Fox (1997-2002)

Genre: comedy / sitcom


Dharma - Jenna Elfman; Greg - Thomas Gibson

Free-spirited Dharma Finkelstein cross paths with a young attorney Greg Montgomery, son of wealthy blue bloods. They get married in Las Vegas on their first date! It really wasn't easy to their families, as Abby and Larry Finkelstein are a bunch of hippies, when Kitty and Edward Montgomery are snob Republicans. However the couple's love is strong and growing from day to day.


But in the episodes of 4th Season they have some family troubles...

guest star

professor Charles Sumner - Kevin Sorbo

There is probability that history professor was named after Charles Sumner, U.S. senator, who proved to be an antislavery leader in the late 1840s. From the beginning of the North/South war Sumner argued that it should be waged to abolish slavery, not solely to preserve the Union.


episode 4.13 -- Educating Dharma 1 -- 06.02.01 on the air
episode 4.14 -- Educating Dharma 2 -- 13.02.01 on the air
episode 4.23 -- The End of the Innocence 1 -- 15.05.01 on the air
episode 4.24 -- The End of the Innocence 2 -- 22.05.01 on the air


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