Date of release - 29 August 1997

Studio: Korsola Productions/Universal --- Produced by: Universal

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy Adventure, Heroic Fantasy - also known as "Sword-and-Sorcery"
MPAA Rating: PG13


Promotional article from Universal:

An exciting and funny action fantasy from Universal Pictures. <> "Kull the Conqueror" is the story of a dynamic warrior who, through a twist of fate, quickly rises to become king. Hailed by his countrymen as a hero, Kull becomes the hated target of corrupt noble relatives who immediately begin plotting his demise.


  Screenwriter -- Charles Edward Pogue Kull -- Kevin Sorbo
  Director -- John Nicolella Akivasha -- Tia Carrere
  Producer -- Raffaella de Laurentiis Taligaro -- Thomas Ian Griffith
  Composer -- Joel Goldsmith Zareta -- Karina Lombard
  Characters by Robert E. Howard Ascalante -- Litefoot
  Filming location -- Croatia, Slovakia Juba -- Harvey Fierstein


"Although "Kull" wasn't a box office triumph, Sorbo doesn't mind. "I was not dissapointed by the film itself. I'm actually very proud of it."


April 2002 issue of "Realms of Fantasy" magazine had an article on the 10 best fantasy movies... Kull was listed. They said the movie is fast-paced, loaded with action and cleverly written.


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