Amicus Kevin, sed magis amica veritas


"Sorbo isn't only large, built, cute and warmly charismatic. He's also got a cheery, casual sense of humor." - Diane Werts, Newsday, 05.95
"I'm a guy like anybody else." - Kevin Sorbo, 07.95
"Working with Kevin was terrific. He's a real pro. He's never sick, he never doesn't know his lines, and he's very, very, very fun." - Lucy Lawless, Xena on "Hercules", 10.95
"You know I love make-believe. I'm comfortable being Kevin Sorbo, doing what I do. I mean Marlon Brando said actors are the most immature people in the world - and I'm still kid." - Kevin Sorbo, 12.95
"Kevin Sorbo is absolutely wonderful with the emotional moments. He also has a wonderful, sly sense of humor that comes across." - John Schulian, writer on "Hercules", 12.95
"He's great, a good man. He never comes not having done his work. I've worked with Americans before, but he's as prepared as anyone. He's really good." - Lucy Lawless, Xena on "Xena", 01.96
"I'm a romantic. I'm a poet at heart." - Kevin Sorbo, 06.96
"Despite his grueling schedule Kevin took the time to answer most of our questions. He was friendly, fun, and introspective." - Olympiana, President of the Kevin Sorbo International Fan Club, 06.96
"I'm hard on myself, I'm very driven." - Kevin Sorbo, 06.96
"As confident and well-spoken as he is well built, the affable actor is remarkably down to earth and charming." - Jenny Cooney, TV Guide (NZ), 07.96
"His star status is fairly new to Kevin, and he is still amazed at the warmth and love that the fans generate. I have gotten to know him pretty well, and, believe me, he deserves it! He is the sweetest guy!" - Beverlee Dean, personal manager, 07.96
"There is no selfishness about him." - Michael Hurst, Iolaus on "Hercules", 08.96
"Kevin was a really good sport, very professional, a hard worker, and very positive. His positiveness affects the entire crew." - Karen Sheperd, Enforcer on "Hercules", (08).96
"Out of character, Sorbo is a mild-mannered sort with a self-deprecating sense of humor." - Peter Richmond, TVGuide, 11.96
"Kevin Sorbo likes to talk." - Scott Barwick, Total TV, 11.96

"Kevin's fabulous. He's extremely professional. Always learns his lines and never bumps into the furniture. And he looks good too! (laughs) No, he's a good guy." - Lucy Lawless, Xena on "Xena", 12.96
"Yes, he did make fun of himself [and Hercules], but didn't it actually intensify the truth, which is that he is amazing? The ability to be mocked and to mock oneself makes one bigger." - Michael Hurst, Iolaus on "Hercules", (1996)
[.... providing Sorbo with a long, uncomfortable shooting day to survive.] "He hangs in there and makes it pleasant and doesn't grumble, so you say, 'Well, damn it, if he can do it, I guess I can too.' Kevin's funny, he's appreciative - I would come up with bits and another actor might say, 'This is going to steal the scene,' but he says, 'If it works for the character, then I don't care; I'm in this enough, so if you have a scene where you take the focus for a while, that's fine,' and I'm absolutely grateful to Kevin for doing that. He's a terrific guy, he has a big heart and he enjoys a good laugh." - Robert Trebor, Salmoneus on "Hercules", 02.97
"There's Viking blood coursing through my veins. Sometimes I just get this unstoppable urge to pillage." - Kevin Sorbo, 03.97

"Kevin is a lovely man, incredible." - Kimberley Joseph, Nemesis on "Hercules", 05-06.97

"Working with Kevin is very easy, no pressure. I think we're all so lucky that he's so easygoing and generous." - Michael Hurst, Iolaus on "Hercules", before 07.97
"I'm a mellow soul, what can I say?" - Kevin Sorbo, 07.97

"I could imagine how most people outside of me, not knowing who I am as a person, would think that I have a big ego about myself, or think that I really think I'm something, you know? I think I deserve the success I have. But do I get an ego about it? No, because I know how quickly things can come and go in this business."
"I paid my dues in Hollywood, nothing was handed to me, I lived the survival side for a long time, it makes me appreciate and realize how quickly things can be taken away from you. I treat this industry as a business, which it is. So I continue to push myself, creatively and in a business like manner to hopefully have a long career and besides that, my family and my friends keep me in check, they won't allow me to have an ego." - Kevin Sorbo, 07.97

"There's a lot of restlessness in a lot of people, and I use my restlessness as a positive." - Kevin Sorbo, 08.97
"He never wants to say "no". He's just too nice." - Sam Jenkins (now Sorbo), 09.97

"I really enjoyed working with Kevin Sorbo. He's an incredible person. He was very kind and generous to me and made me feel welcome." - Susan Ward, Psyche on "Hercules", 09.97

"Kevin is perhaps the most directable actor I've ever worked with. He's very open to all my suggestions. He listens and he'll try everything even though he clearly doesn't agree with me sometimes." - John Nicolella, director on "Kull", 09.97
"Daisy [Lucy's daughter] was an extra on H:TLJ in a cross-over. Kevin was awfully nice to her, and to all the kids on set, considering they are always badgering him! He is really good with kids." - Lucy Lawless, Xena on "Hercules", 01.98
"Everything I have ever read or seen, by or about Kevin Sorbo indicates that he is a thoughtful, intelligent, unpretentious human being who has a very firm grasp on reality and understands the difference between Hercules and Kevin. In fact, he's quite shy and self-effacing about all the adulation he gets." - Sandy, fan, 02.98
"I'd say he's a perfectionist. ....You know what the most unusual thing about Kevin is that he's so normal. He's an exceptional human being but he thinks like he's normal." - Sam Jenkins-Sorbo, 03.98

"I went down to direct him and thought let me find out what this guy's nightmare is so I can tiptoe around him. I golfed with him and he beat me and I realized he was a totally normal guy. You could speak directly to him." - Bruce Campbell, Autolycus on "Hercules", 03.98

"Kevin is so unHollywood, so regular. Really down to earth." - Kevin Smith, Ares and Iphicles on "Hercules", 04.98
"Kevin's such a sweetheart to work with; he's so nice. Kevin is just so outgoing, friendly and warm." - Alexandra Tydings, Aphrodite on "Hercules", 08.98
"Kevin Sorbo is one of the sweetest people I ever met." She said Kevin is very smart, nice as can be, and loves telling stories. - Sharon Delaney, Fan Club President, 08.98
"Kevin is wonderful! A regular folk, don't do the star trip. I've done TV with stars that were a pain in the butt. Kevin is cooperative, friendly, let you take focus." - Robert Trebor, Salmoneus on "Hercules", 10.98
"I hope the company realizes how lucky they are to have Kevin as their lead. I've been on shows where the stars are just idiots and don't deserve to be there. Kevin makes it so easy. He is very professional and never give anyone a hard time - other than complaining about scripts and stuff, but every actor does that." - Bruce Campbell, Autolycus on "Hercules", 11.98
"I'm sort of a hard core perfectionist with myself and I think that I do that with other people around me. I demand a lot of the people around me and that's probably not a great thing, to out the things you want for yourself on other people. I don't have an addictive personality. I'm not a drinker. I'm not a smoker. Fortunately, I can eat pretty much what I want. I go to the gym three times a week. I run. I swim. I play basketball. I just like playing sports." - Kevin Sorbo, 12.98
"In visiting with the actor, one discovers he's not self-centered or egoistical. He is simply confident about himself." - Jean Cummings, Xpose, 12.98
"I'm still amazed when people walk up to me on the street and know my name. It happens to me every day, but I'm still amazed." - Kevin Sorbo, 11.99
"I'm really a softy, I've always been. I can pretend to be a tough guy, but I'm not." - Kevin Sorbo, 11.99

"[During convention] Kevin Sorbo demonstrated his ability and desire to get around Creation Entertainment constraints so that his fans did not feel marginalized or abandoned. I was impressed by Sorbo's graciousness and patience with his fans." - Kym Masera Taborn, "Whoosh!" Editor-in-Chief, 01.00

"Kevin is awesome to work with. He is Mister Professional. He is like a... oh, he is, oh, {1-2 words inarticulately} air of a captain or a school principal, ha-ha, a good dad or something. He is excellent and very professional. He is the best interest of the scripts ahead, of the shooting ahead. He is very bestead in it." - Lisa Ryder, Beka on "Andromeda", 07.00
"Working with Kevin Sorbo was fun. He is very professional and he is... he is the Captain. (She laughs.) I don't really know how to explain it but he is the captain. He is the captain of crew, is the captain of the cast. He is definitely natural born leader." - Lexa Doig, Rommie on "Andromeda", 07.00
"Kevin Sorbo is an incredible actor and person." - David Winning, director on "Andromeda", 08.00
"Kevin is a very strong-minded person, very opinionated in a good way, and he has a natural leader quality." - Lisa Ryder, Beka on "Andromeda", 08.00
"Kevin is an amazingly talented actor. And I mean that with all sincerity. One thing that people constantly underestimate is how hard it is to deliver a nice, light, likeable, breezy performance like Kevin did in "Hercules". People who can pull that off actually need a lot of talent." - Robert Hewitt Wolfe, head writer on "Andromeda", 09.00

"Kevin is actually very funny. He's easy to work with and very professional. But I think after 7 years of Hercules, he's learned that the way to get through this is with levity. These are long days. <...> And I think making one another laugh is what gets us through it." - Keith Hamilton Cobb, Tyr on "Andromeda", 10.00

"Kevin is a real pro. He has his performance down and finds time to really joke around when shooting. The cameras are always on you if you're the actor and Kevin is really great at being the center of the set and hyping everyone up. When he's in a good mood - he tells really dirty jokes, he's, like he says, a jock from Minnesota. That hasn't changed about him. Kevin did take me under his wing a bit and show me how to do the show. I remember him telling me to get a little extra sleep and wish me luck when he knew the next morning I had a big fight scene to do or we'd make time to really rehearse the acting scenes - he really knows how to look good for the camera." - Tamara Gorski, Morrigan on "Hercules", 10.00

"Kevin's really easy to get along with. You'd never know that he was the guy who did a seven-year series before this. He's just like, "hey, let's shoot a show," so he's always great. If you have an off-camera line and you have one or two lines and you're standing there and it's really hot, he'll tell you to "go sit down, I don't need you for just like one off-camera line or whatever" which is, pretty decent, I think." - Brent Stait, Rev Bem on "Andromeda", 10.00
"Kevin is very involved with the production. In addition to being a tremendous actor and complete professional on the set. He reads all the scripts very thoroughly and gives notes on both scripts and cuts. He is very smart and gives excellent notes. Kevin really knows the medium. Like I said, he is a consummate professional." - Robert Hewitt Wolfe, head writer on "Andromeda", 10.00

"<I am not overseeing any of the production on "Andromeda".> Kevin is there and I would trust Kevin with my life, so I don't see any need to go any further." - Majel Barrett Roddenberry, producer on "Andromeda", 11.00

"Kevin Sorbo is a great guy and has a way of making the other actors feel at ease. I think that I learned a lot just by watching him act. I think it was a real honour to work with him. He was a very nice guy. He was just someone that you could tell by his whole manner on set that he has a lot of expierence and knows what he is doing. I would describe him as a really down-to-earth guy." - Richard de Klerk, Mapes on "Andromeda", 11.00

"Kevin is very Dylanesque. Strong, smart, focused." - Ethlie Ann Vare, writer on "Andromeda", 11.00
"There's a lot of laughs every day, and I think that's important. Kevin is quite in charge of setting the tone. It always comes from the star - if you have a jerk, you have a sad set, if you have a cool guy, you have a fun set. Kevin really sets the tone in a good way." - Lisa Ryder, Beka on "Andromeda", 12.00
"Kevin is a big fan of outtakes. So there's been a lot of fun moments that involve jokes." - Lexa Doig, Rommie on "Andromeda", 12.00
"Kevin Sorbo is... well, let's put it this way. The first time I met him, all decked out in his High Guard uniform and that smile and those dimples, I was speechless. Me. At a loss for words. Imagine. But he's very sweet, very down to earth - in fact, Kevin is a big flirt." - Ethlie Ann Vare, writer on "Andromeda", 12.00
"Kevin is very charismatic and a natural born leader, he's funny as all hell, and very good actor to boot." - Lexa Doig, Rommie on "Andromeda", 01.01
"Kevin Sorbo is a very generous actor and human being. Yes, he is the star of the show, but as far as Kevin is concerned he's just one of seven actors pulling together to make 'Andromeda' the best it can be. That's how he approaches the job. Kevin is always open to new ideas and is a real team player. He makes it easy to work with him and I appreciate and admire that." - Brent Stait, Rev Bem on "Andromeda", 02.01
"Kevin is an angel to work with, an absolute angel." - Majel Barrett Roddenberry, producer on "Andromeda", 03.01
"Kevin is a really kind, down-to-earth guy who works his ass off to make a good show and publicly expresses his happiness at getting challenging, intelligent material to play. He reads every script at least twice in early drafts and gives cogent, insightful feedback and criticism where he thinks it's appropriate. I haven't agreed with his comments every time, but he's helped improve many scripts with his feedback, which is appreciated and helpful." - Zack Stentz, writer on "Andromeda", 03.01
"It was unheard of to find the star sitting around on the set, just watching what was going on, but that was Kevin on 'Hercules'. And then on 'Xena', Lucy [Lawless] picked that up from Kevin. Now on 'Andromeda', everybody has picked up on Kevin's light air. He jokes often, and is a great leader that way." - Timothy James Scott, director on "Hercules" and "Andromeda", 04.01
"I felt comfortable working with Kevin Sorbo. He's a very gracious star and one of the nicest people I've ever worked with." - Steve Bacic, Rhade on "Andromeda", 07.01
"I think Kevin is pretty die in the wool Minnesota white boy. He is what he is. He has no real quarks. He sorta minds his own business. He doesn't have issues with anyone on the site. He wants to play golf. He just had his baby, so now he has that to talk about boy Braeden, Braeden Sorbo. He is himself only more so. Boring, but a lot of women love it." - Keith Hamilton Cobb, Tyr on "Andromeda", 08.01

"With a charismatic blend of absolute professionalism, keen business acumen and a sense of the ridiculous, Kevin Sorbo is a man in pursuit of exellence - so long as a bit of humour remains." - Thomasina Gibson, Cult Times, 08.01

"Kevin is absolutely one of the most brilliant people in this whole wide world, besides being the nicest guy." - Majel Barrett Roddenberry, producer on "Andromeda", 08.01
"Kevin Sorbo is a great guy, I'm happy to report. Fabulous guy, a lot of fun." - Mackenzie Gray, Venetri on "Andromeda", 11.01
"When there is an explosion 30 feet away, why do I have to be there? My ego is not as big as it used to be. I'm secure with who I am, and if I'm a wimp sometimes, so be it!" - Kevin Sorbo, 11.01
"Sorbo's a great choice for it, obviously, and what a great person. If you're going to have a lead on a show, they set the tone for the whole thing. If they come in on time, with their lines done, have a good, professional, crisp, happy attitude, it just runs all through the set and makes the day go like butter. I'm very lucky to work with Kevin, who was just marvelous." - James Marsters, Bolivar on "Andromeda", 11.01
"I think he's a VERY personal person. I was at the last AndromedaFest and he had me rolling in the aisles with everyone else when he was on stage. He's quite humorous and likable." - Someone from crowd, 02.02
"One great thing about Kevin Sorbo is that he kept his crew happy and laughing. No big "star" trip on the set, nothing to prove. I don't remember any practical jokes, but I do remember lots of laughter." - Karen Sheperd, Enforcer on "Hercules", 03.02

"Kevin is great. He's a lot of fun! He likes to improv like I do. He's not afraid to experiment, and he's got a great ear for dialog, so it's a lot of fun." - Gordon Michael Woolvett, Harper on "Andromeda", 06.02

"Kevin Sorbo is just tremendous leader, the great guy, I mean, believe me {inarticulately, like: I've seen stars, that were} real trouble. Kevin is so far from that. And he is very, very involved - in making the shows better, in working with the writers. <...> No star trips at all. <...> You know, not many star behaves like that {inarticulately, like: giving} room for the other cast." - Allan Eastman, producer and director on "Andromeda", 07.02
"Kevin is the ringleader, and we know that. He's also the cheerleader and the one who does a lot of motivating people, and sometimes, after a long day, you really need that. He's doing a good job." - Laura Bertram, Trance on "Andromeda", 07.02
"I want to be a guy that people still like. I mean, we all get in our moods. We're not up every day. But I'm a bit of a joker, and I always like to have fun on the set. When you work long days, you might as well." - Kevin Sorbo, 10.02
"Kevin Sorbo is a thoughtful and a giving actor who wants as much for the show and it's actors as all of you do. He has been a champion of the character of Tyr since they began to lose his focus early in season one, and has not stopped working with me, even on a scene by scene basis to give the character what it needs to remain a force on the show. He and I have always worked well together, have enjoyed our shared scenes, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in any other venue. Would all actors in ensemble casts everywhere were such gentlemen." - Keith Hamilton Cobb, Tyr on "Andromeda", 10.02

"Kevin is great, because he's the captain of the team. He never stops. He's always doing something to make the show better. He works really hard and really sets an example. He's helped create a really honest and decent family environment." - Lexa Doig, Rommie on "Andromeda", 01.03

"That was one of my best guest-star appearances ever, mainly because of Kevin Sorbo. He's such a pleasure to work with. Kevin sets the tone for the whole show. He's a professional, but he also has no problem making the cast and crew laugh." - Monica Schnarre, Jill Pearce on "Andromeda", Spring 2003

"The number one thing {inarticulately, like: doubtlessly} is Kevin, probably the best action hero on television, he looks like a hero, he can do the action, charming, funny. And really carries everything else. Everything flows from that." - Bob Engels, producer and headwriter on "Andromeda", 10.03
"It does not take long to realize that Kevin Sorbo is a man of surprises." - Cate Hellas, Ask Men, 11.03
"Kevin is a wonderful man, we love working with him. He accommodates us in any way we need him." - Toni Rutter, Costume Designer on "Andromeda", (11).03
"Kevin Sorbo was great! Very supportive, very open to our nutty creativity. I will never comprehend how anyone can act, star and produce a series at the same time. He must have the stamina and strength of a true Nietzschean." - Andrew Jackson, Lipp-Sett on "Andromeda", 01.04
"Kevin Sorbo is a really nice guy." - Allan Caplan, Inworks CEO, 04.04
"Kevin is always very welcoming." - Brandy Ledford, Doyle on "Andromeda", (07).04

"I don't want to grow up, that's why I'm an actor." - Kevin Sorbo, 07.04

"Kevin Sorbo is an easygoing, workaday guy." - James Whitmore Jr., director on "Hercules", 10.04
"Kevin is one of the best bosses I've had - very personable, very creative and involved, and he has a great sense of humour. The lead actor's temperament is so vital to a series because the aura he creates trickles down to every department. The best people in the business are the ones with the invisible egos." - David Winning, director on "Andromeda", 03.05
"I was a huge fan of Kevin's and it was an amazing experience to work with him. He's extremely professional and we worked well together." - Seth Howard, Creative Executive Producer in charge of "Andromeda" for Tribune, 07.06
"Kevin is seriously cute, not to mention gracious, and he SO nailed my character, Chance. <...> Kevin actually read the book, and he's a talented and very professional actor, it goes without saying. But I believe he captured Chance so well because he's like Chance. He's a committed family man, with a beautiful wife and children. He's down-to-earth, intelligent, funny, and soft-spoken. These are just things I gathered about him during a very brief meeting on the set, but we have a mutual friend, and she verifies it all." - Linda Lael Miller, author of the book "Last Chance Cafe", 08.06 + 11.06

"The biggest difference between me and the character I'm playing, now <in "Avenging Angel"> or in "Hercules" or "Andromedia" is - they're a lot braver than I am!" - Kevin Sorbo, (06).07

"I think Kevin Sorbo is a wonderful actor. He's so underrated, because people always pigeonhole him as Hercules. He can really reach down and get to the emotion of this character, while still keeping that toughness there. The tenderness in Kevin Sorbo's eyes - this bounty hunter - is unbelievable. <...> Kevin knows where the camera is, and he knows how to sell punches. Kevin has good moves. It takes special timing and natural instinct to do stunts, and he's got it." - David S. Cass, Sr., director on "Avenging Angel", (06).07
"Kevin Sorbo was great on the set. Well, he is awesome, let me just say." - Natalie Morales, Wendy on "Middleman", 06.08

"Now, Kevin Sorbo... When I worked with him he was incredibly giving, and wonderful, and joking around, making everyone feel comfortable. He was incredibly down to earth. The word "giving" keeps coming out, but that's exactly what I thought of him." - Erin Cummings, Hel on "Bitch Slap", 07.08

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