What would you like most
to be remembered for?

Kevin Sorbo: Being a good guy.

  What would be the perfect weekend for you?
  -- Sun, fun, quiet... (08.97)
  -- I start the day with 18 holes of golf before the family wakes up. Then I would spend the day with my wife and sons, barbecue and top it off with a cruise on the lake I grew up by, Lake Minnetonka. (07.04)
  Does it embarrass you when women tell you how good looking you are?
  -- Not at all. Who wouldn't like that to be happening to him... (08.97)
  What was your proudest moment?
  -- Too many to mention. I've been lucky. (06.01)
  Do you see yourself being a father one day? What kind of dad would you be?
  -- I would love to be a father one day and of course, I would be a great one. (07).97)
  What do you like in a woman?
  -- Its going to sound corny, but let's be honest. Obviously, the first thing has got to be physical attraction. That's how it starts for any of us. You have to be attracted to the woman. But after that, I get picky. It's important to be able to have a conversation with someone. I'm attracted to a woman who isn't afraid of being a woman. In Europe, it's more like men are men and women are women, but there's something of an overlap of the sexes in this country. I like the independence and assertiveness that European women have. (11.96)
  What did you learn about women by playing doctors and nurses?
  -- Just about everything. (01.97)
  What does it mean to be a man?
  -- The eternal quest in figuring out how to please a woman. (01.97)
  What do you do for Valentine's Day, do you care about it?
  -- Nothing, don't care. Don't care. Never liked it. I mean, come on, how many people - it's kind of a bogus holiday the way they make you go out and have dinner and buy chocolates and buy flowers. (02.02b)
  In all your travels, which place stands out as the most memorable, and why?
  -- Nighttime in the middle of the Sahara Desert in Tunisia, because of the silence and the stars in the sky. (09.97)
  If you could, what role would you choose to play?
  -- Anything in the American Revolution. I just love that time period. I find it fascinating. (08.97)
  Favorite movies?
  -- One of my favorite movies of all time is The Way We Were. I love the Intelligence of the script. I though it was a well done movie. (06.96)
  -- I've seen The Way We Were probably 50 times, and I cry every damn time. (09.97b)
  -- I like all kinds of movies, including action flicks. But I'm always a sucker for a good romantic comedy. (08.97b)
  -- Between Philadelphia Story, Casablanca and Jeremiah Johnson. (08.97)
  -- I love the solitude of Jeremiah Johnson - like when Robert Redford is up in the mountains and there's snow everywhere and he very quietly just shares his rabbit with Will Geer. I find it touching and eerie. (06.99)
  -- I just watched all those movies Paul Newman has been in... I mean, Hud to Drowning Pool. I'm a big, big fan of his. (11.99)
  -- The Godfather, Jeremiah Johnson, Casablanca. (06.01)
  -- I'm an old Hollywood guy. That's what made me fall in love with movies, guys like Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Paul Newman and Robert Redford. If you make me pick just one it would have to be Casablanca. (04.02)
  -- I absolutely love Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. (10.04)
  Do you enjoy reading books? Who are your favorite authors?
  -- I like political mysteries, like those by Ken Follet. (09.97)
  -- Kevin said he loves Stephen King and Ken Follett, but during shooting most of his reading is of the scripts. (04.02b)
  You once mentioned that you wrote poetry before; can you share them with fans?
  -- Good luck on that one, I don't need to embarrass myself. (07).97)
  What kind of music do you play when you're strummin' on your front porch?
  -- Music I like to strum: Eagles, Dan Fogelberg, James Taylor, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, etc. (spring).96)
  -- I enjoy playing my own stuff, but most of the stuff is usually other people's. (12.96)
  Favorite music?
  -- I have a favorite group, I'm locked in the 70s, I guess. I love the Eagles. The Eagles are my all time favorite group. There's a lot of music I like. I'm not into rap. I'm not into heavy, heavy metal, even though there's some heavy metal I do like. I like everything from symphony to country to good old rock and roll. Bob Seager and The Silver Bullet Band, I love those guys. My favorite group would have to be the Eagles. My favorite solo singer is definitely Dan Fogelberg. I'm a poet at heart. I love his words. (06.96)
  What is your dream of doing outside of the profession?
  -- What do I dream about? Well, it would probably be the song and dance routine, the old guitar. You know, putting together an album. (12.96)
  What are the names of some songs you've written?
  -- "A Sunday Apart," "She Took Everything But the Blame" - that's a country song about divorce. (02.97)
  Other than guitar playing, what are your hobbies?
  -- Hobbies include golf, basketball, hiking, daydreaming, people watching, learning how to use this stupid laptop! (spring).96)
  Favorite smell?
  -- Fresh cut grass. (06.01)
  Favorite sound?
  -- Crickets on a hot summer night. (06.01)
  Favorite color?
  -- Blue. (06.01)
  Favorite food?
  -- Anything Italian. (09.97 + 06.01)
  What is your favorite Italian dish?
  -- Gnocchi and lasagne. I love, you know, I just love the sauces and the cheeses, and I go nuts on that stuff. (12.96)
  You cook?
  -- I'm a big barbecue fiend and I make great breakfasts. (01.03)
  Favorite drink?
  -- Water. (06.01)
  Worst feeling in the world?
  -- Being drunk - makes you look stupid, too! (06.01)
  Describe yourself after a few drinks.
  -- Very mellow. Very. (01.97)
  What do you think about in the shower?
  -- Life, past loves, songs from the 70's. (01.97)
  The most misunderstood thing about you?
  -- That I'm some kind of a tough guy. (09.97c)
  Do you ever say, "I'm getting too old for the action and stunts?"
  -- I said that during the third season of Hercules! (02.02)
  Is there anything you love to delay?
  -- Going to the dentist. (09.97)
  What value do you hold the dearest?
  -- Family and friends. (08.97)
  Most important in life?
  -- Family. (06.01)
  Do you have a role model?
  -- Actually, I have a couple: Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Kevin Kline and William Hurt. I respect them quite a bit. (07.95)
  -- My heroes are Harrison Ford and Kevin Kline. (12.95)
  Who were your role models growing up?
  -- My biggesst heroes growing up still are Robert Redford, Paul Newman, and I'm a huge Kevin Kline fan. (06.96)
  -- Newman, Redford, Cary Grant... Spencer Tracy... And a ton of football and basketball players. (08.97)
  -- In the movie world, I'd have to say Cary Grant; in sports, basketball player Pete Marovich. But I have to admit, I have many idols. (09.97)
  Whom would you consider your hero?
  -- My father. (06.01)
  Who has had the biggest influence on your life?
  -- My parents. (07.04)
  Do you and Sam have a favorite love song?
  -- Yes, actually we do, but it's our song. So, I can't share it with you. (10.98)
  What foreign languages can you speak?
  -- I speak a little Italian. I speak a little German. I speak a little French. Very little of all of them. Am I fluent, heck no. But I can certainly understand things and phrases. I probably picked up Italian the best. I love Italian, it's beautiful. (06.96)
  What about the Internet? Do you look in to see what's being said from time to time?
  -- I am a computer retard. There I said it. It's out for all the world to see. The tabloids will have a field day. I can see the headlines now: "Herc Hunk Can't Hack It!!!" But, wait!! There is hope. I have just purchased my first computer. I have books for computer idiots. (04.96)
  -- I plead total guilt in lack of knowledge and understanding of the computer, I just don't really know enough about the computer and I also just don't have the time to dive into the computer the way I would like to, besides the 14 hour days on "Hercules", I have other businesses that I am taking care of... I could pop on every now and then. (07).97)
  -- See, I'm a computer retard... (07.97)
  -- I just checked the Andromeda Web site, but I'm not a computer guy at all. I check an e-mail now and then, but to be honest I'm pretty much out of it! (04.02)
  Favorite sport?
  -- Basketball and football. (06.96)
  Do you have a tattoo?
  -- No. I do not have a tattoo. I've never wanted to have a tattoo. I don't know where that started. No, I've never had one. I have no interest. (12.96)
  What kills creativity?
  -- A lack of hope. (06.97)
  Is acting hard?
  -- Yes and no. Yes because I feel you have to come up with a lot of different emotions. You see people laughing and crying, and they might not feel that way that day. That can make it hard. (07.95)
  Do you like acting or is it stressing?
  -- The job itself certainly can be stressful. It is a career that is filled with stress no matter what side of the camera you are on and it is a career that is stressful even when you aren't working. You complain when you are working and you complain when you aren't. I love acting and nothing else I would rather do. (07).97)
  If you weren't an actor, what would you be?
  -- Unemployed. I would probably be a high school teacher and coach basketball and football. (02.01)
  What are your phobias? If you have any...
  -- Never working again as an actor. Is there a name for that? (08.97)
  The best and the worst part of being famous?
  -- The best: good seats at theatres; the worst: the loss of privacy. (09.97)
  Do you feel your fans don't know the "real" Kevin?
  -- I don't think we ever truly know everything about everybody, no. We all have a lot of different masks we try on. I don't want everybody to know me that well. (07).97)


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