Minnesota is the most livable state in America.

Minnesota was ranked the healthiest of 50 states six times in the last nine years, based on 17 factors including workplace safety, mortality rate and longevity. (2002)

And can we say - it is beautiful in a very romantic way.


Famous Minnesotans:

Prince, Bob Dylan, Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Jessica Lange, Winona Ryder, Craig Kilborn... Have I forgotten somebody? Oh, yeah! Mr. Kevin 'Midwestern' Sorbo himself :).


Minnesota's Outdoor Activities:

Summer: kayaking - hiking - canoeing - fishing
Winter: winter camping - cross-country skiing - shoveling snow - making snowmen

Minnesota Sports Teams:
Minnesota Twins (baseball) -- Minnesota Vikings (american football)


Minnesota's Favorite Foods:
Hotdish - Lefsa - Cheese - Walleye (first three were mentioned by Kevin in interviews)




Minneapolis was rated the second fittest city in America by Men's Fitness Magazine. Among the criteria were Gyms/Sporting Goods Stores, Exercise, Alcohol, Smoking, Fitness-Friendly Climate, Air and Water Quality, Outdoor Assets, and Access to Health Care. (2000)

In a 2003 survey conducted by 'Money' magazine's "Best Places to Live" expert, Bert Sperling, Minneapolis was ranked No. 1 in fun, deemed the "most fun city in America."

Minneapolis boasts more theater sets per capita than any other American metropolis outside New York City. (2004)

Named for the Dakota word "Minne" meaning "of the waters," and the Greek word "polis" meaning "city," Minneapolis is an enviable scene of contemporary skyscrapers showcasing the city's vibrant and active lifestyle.

Average Daily Temperature: January - minus 7 C; July - plus 28 C
Average rainfall: 66 cm
Average snowfall: 117 cm

Minneapolis is home to 22 lakes and 170 parks, allowing residents and visitors alike the chance to enjoy its breathtaking natural beauty. The Mississippi River winds through the city.


Besides being a mecca of office buildings, skyscrapers, retail outlets and tourist attractions, Minneapolis is home to 30,000 downtown residents. These folks have the advantage of living in a metropolitan area of big-city appeal melded with small-town charm. One of that downtowns - Mound.



Various Native American tribes inhabited the area for centuries before the lake was "discovered" by portagers in 1822. Ancient Indian burial mounds are visible in many locations along the shoreline and, in fact, one village on the western end of the lake was originally christened "Mound City"- known today simply as Mound.

Mound was first settled in the year 1853. A number of colorful personalities made their homes in this remote outpost. At the turn of the XX century, Mound became a popular lakeside destination. More recently, the town has become a popular residential community with many thriving businesses.

Mound is the birthplace of one of the most successful toy manufacturers in history - Tonka Toys. (Kevin, by the way, did work at Tonka toys for a week or so.)



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