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Kevin Sorbo attended Minnesota State University Moorhead (then known as Moorhead State University).

Kevin Sorbo: I was a pre-architect major in college before I switched over to a double major in marketing and advertising. My godfather was an architect. He sorts of talked me out of it. He says the architect world is pretty bad right now. At the time I was in college, so I switched into the business. (13.01.03 Cityline, Canada TV)

He majored in marketing and advertising at the University of Minnesota - he says that there was no way he wouldn't go to college with a teacher in the family. (27.08.97 Orange County Register)

Sorbo studied marketing and advertising at Moorhead State College and the University of Minnesota, where he played football and also began to gain yardage on the theatrical stage. (14.03.97 Unknown Source)

From gerontology to jazz, Moorhead State, on the Red River of the North (a 220-mile drive from the Twin Cities), offers a wide range of programs. And the area's "Tri-College University" compact - said to be the only one of its kind in the nation - allows Moorhead State students to take classes at Concordia College in Moorhead and North Dakota State University in Fargo at no extra cost beyond home-school tuition. And forget those jokes about college-cafeteria food: the local fare was enough to keep alum Kevin Sorbo of "Hercules" fame in fine form. (09.99 Mpls St. Paul magazine)


Talking about movie "Animal House" Kevin recalled his father asking him if that's what his son is doing at college and he says something like 'no Dad, it's nothing like that'. (21.08.03 VH1 "I Love the 70s", TV)

Kevin Sorbo: This year I'm teamed up [at golf tournament] with Tom Watson. It's very exciting. During my high school and college years, he was "my guy" to follow. (09.02 Fairways and Greens, golf magazine)

Fans around the world call him an inspiration. Little do they know he's also inspiring in the kitchen, where he'll whip up some of his grandmother's chicken soup or a few of the peanut butter chocolate bars he first made for his college roommates. "They all told me I'd make a good wife some day!" he laughs. (04.01.03 TV Guide, Canada)

Kevin said he hates winter after he almost lost 3 toes to frost-bite when he and some friends were stuck in a snow storm in college. (15.12.00 Tonight Show with Jay Leno, TV)

Kevin Sorbo: Sylvia Plath, as I remember from college, was very depressing. (10.01 SFX #83)


Kevin Sorbo: Tonka Toys employed probably 30% of the people that lived in the town [Mound]. (13.01.03 Cityline, Canada TV)

Kevin worked at Tonka Toys for a week or so when he was still in college [to gain some money at holidays], but decided the assembly line wasn't for him. (10.08.02 Slipstream BBS)


Kevin Sorbo: I wasn't a great athlete, but I was good at football, and good at basketball and baseball. But when I got to college, I realized everybody was as good or better, so I realized I wouldn't be making (sports) a career choice. It's a dream that didn't come true. (13.11.99

Nevertheless he kept the sports going.

Kevin Sorbo: I played football, basketball, and baseball through college. (07.95 Kidsday)

In between his studies at the University, he played football, baseball, basketball and hockey. (06.01 TV Zone #139)

Kevin Sorbo: In college, I started lifting weights. (3.11.96 New York Sunday Daily News)

No doubt student Sorbo was in an extremely good shape. And no wonder he got an offer to work as a stripper.

Kevin Sorbo: I was actually approached by Chippendale's when I was in college. I found that flattering. (1.02.97 TV Guide)



Kevin Sorbo: As a kid who grew up very athletically in a town that athletes were sort of like king, I would never admit to anybody. We used to make fun of the drama students! We walk by and go 'ahhhh, you bunch of sissy's'. (06.06.98 TV-show Golf 2000)

Kevin Sorbo: I grew up in jock country and being an actor was a sissy thing to do. It wasn't until I got to college that I got to a more comfortable point in my life and felt, "This is what I like and to hell with what people think." (16.10.96 Glitter, v.5)

Kevin Sorbo: In college I minored in drama. (07.95 Kidsday)

While in college he devoted a lot of his time 'hanging out' in the theatre department. (12.98 Xpose #29)

Kevin Sorbo: Even when I went to college and majored in marketing and advertising I was reluctant to enrol in drama classes, so I'd sneak in and watch. It was only in my last year that I really started to get involved - finally admitting to myself that that was what I really wanted to do. (2.06.96 Womans Day, NZ)

He took up acting at 21, at the University of Minnesota. (29.08.97 Winston-Salem Journal, Atlanta)

In between his studies Sorbo also performed onstage in several plays, which rekindled an interest in acting. He decided that was what he wanted to do for a career. (06.01 TV Zone #139)

For the list of said plays and more details see Stage Work.
In 1981, the actor made his debut in a tv commercial for Target retail stores. Kevin Sorbo: "Believe it or not, that job got me my Screen Actors Guild card." (06.01 TV Zone #139) - Sorry, I can't figure out was it when he still was a student or weeks later.


Sorbo dropped out of the University in 1981. For a good reason.

He dropped out with only one semester left to go, to pursue his acting dream. (3.12.95 Orange County Register)

Kevin Sorbo: I wanted to be an actor, and I even dropped out of college in my senior year. (3.11.96 New York Sunday Daily News)

He left University 16 credits shy of a degree. (27.08.97 Orange County Register)

Kevin Sorbo: I'm 16 credits shy of graduating. I had a chance to join a theatre group down in Dallas, Texas, of all places, theatre mecca of the world. (13.01.03 Cityline, Canada TV)


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