Walking Tall: The Payback



Date of release - 20 February 2007

Sony Pictures & Metro Goldwyn Mayer Home Entertainment

Genre: Drama, Action
MPAA Rating: R

Shooting: May - partly June 2006


  Screenwriter -- Brian Strasmann Nick Prescott -- Kevin Sorbo
  Director -- Tripp Reed Kate Jensen -- Yvette Nipar
  Producer -- Emma Prescott -- Gail Cronauer
  Composer -- Hap Worrell -- Dell Johnson
  Filming location -- Parker, Ennis, Dallas (Texas, US) Harvey Morris -- AJ Buckley


The original movie "Walking Tall" with Joe Don Baker (1973) was based on the real life story of Buford Pusser, a no nonsense Tennessee sheriff and his battle against illegal gambling, prostitution and smuggling operations, a fight that costed him the life of his wife (in 1967) and eventually his own life (in 1974). The said movie was soon followed with another two and TV series which were quite forgettable.

The 2004 "Walking Tall" with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson moved the story to rural Washington State and its main hero Chris Vaughn was rather loosely based on the prototype and his heroic deeds.

As to the "Walking Tall: The Payback" - from my viewpoint - it would be better to rule the first part out of the title. The movie can stand on its own.


Joe Halpin (writer for Walking Tall 3): Even though the story is not about Buford Pusser, it still has much of the same premise as the original 1973 version. <...> The premise is that "Walking Tall" is how a man faced with acts of outright injustice can step up and fight for what's right. (26.05.06 www.moviehole.net)


Kevin Sorbo: If you remember the original "Walking Tall", they redid it with The Rock - originally that was supposed to be me. They changed it quite drastically with The Rock; they made it much more of an action thing, and I think the original one had a lot more heart and soul to it. Sony wants to do a Part II and Part III with me as Buford Pusser, so I'm hoping that happens, because I was really impressed with the script, had a great meeting with the guys over at Sony, with the director, and we'll see what happens with that. (5.09.05 DragonCon - report by Themis)

Henderson resident Kevin Sorbo has signed to do a remake of "Walking Tall." Shooting will begin in San Diego early next year. (11.11.05 Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Kevin Sorbo said that "Walking Tall" begins filming in January in Los Angeles. There had been some talk about shooting it on location, but the final decision came down for an LA production. (20.11.05 Super Boston Megafest - report by Broph)

January (2006) news from the Australian Fan Club were disappointing. Kevin let people know that he was not doing "Walking Tall"... mostly for shedule reasons.

By the beginning of March the "Walking Tall" movie was back on with the exact date for starting - April, 24.

"Walking Tall 2" and "Walking Tall 3," each with budgets of $2 million, will shoot back-to-back in North Texas, said Alison Semenza, the movies' Los Angeles-based producer. The sequels are based on the 2004 "Walking Tall" movie featuring wrestling star The Rock. Kevin Sorbo, from "Andromeda" and "Hercules" television series, will star in the movies. <...> About 120 local crew will work on each of the films. Forty local actors will be hired. Dallas casting director Toni Cobb-Brock is holding auditions beginning April 1. Shooting is slated to start May 1 and last about two months. (31.03.06 Dallas Business Journal)

Now Kevin's character is named Nick Prescott, a former Navy-Seal who gets drawn into conflict after his father dies. Instead of a "big stick," Nick carries a shotgun. According to Kevin, the story has been updated and he said the character change occurred because Kevin hardly reflects the "Southern good ol' boy..." and certain wouldn't be the Pusser type. The straight-to-DVD movies here, would, probably, be released as theatrical movies overseas. In addition, there is a possibility that these movies would serve as a launch for a new TV series. (23.04.06 Hollywood Collectors Show - report by Stargazer)

This weekend, the two sequels to 2004's "Walking Tall" remake begin shooting in the area, but not with The Rock or Johnny Knoxville. Nope, the residents of Parker and Ennis will be treated to glimpses of Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo. But that's just for "Walking Tall II": In about a month, the production moves to Dallas for "Walking Tall III". (4.05.06 dallasobserver.com)

At around 2 AM May 23 they blew up a Barber Shop! I saved some of the plate glass just on the chance you might want it! I can't promise Kevin Sorbo touched it but he was around it for hours. He is very pleasant and friendly if you are wondering. I was an 'extra' as a Cop. (30.07.06 post on Ebay)


Mr. Sorbo felt good about his performance in the "Walking Tall" movies, liking the first one the best. He said this project was the most physical work he had done since "Hercules" and the ego was in evidence since he did quite a bit of his own stunts. Kevin really liked the director of these movies and felt if they come off well, it's because of him. <...> One of the things Kevin mentioned, was that the director, whom Kevin enjoyed working with, really "reined him in" as Kevin put it when it came to Kevin's tendency to inject humor into the film, which Kevin thought was a good thing. (15.07.06 Weekend with the Stars - report by Stargazer)


Hap: What the hell you think you are doing? -- Nick: Something. Just somebody doing something.


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