According to Jim

TV-series (ABC), 2001- ...., episode 2.18 "The Pass"

25.02.03 on the air -- Director: Mark Cendrowski - Screenwriter: David Feeney

Taped - 7.02.03


In this family sitcom James Belushi plays an everyman - named Jim - supporting his family as a contractor in a design firm, full of macho bravado in front of his garage-band buddies and an overgrown teddy bear at home, raising a family in the Chicago suburbs. And that's all right with his two daughters and baby son, not to mention his wife Cheryl (Courtney Thorne-Smith).


Kevin Sorbo: "I have a soft spot to the sitcoms. I'm actually in two weeks going to guest star in Jim Belushi show "According to Jim". I love the format of the sitcom. I always enjoyed it. It's a lot of fun. I love doing that stuff, I love the humor." (10.01.03 Interstellar Transmissions, Radio Show)


A successful guy that Jim went to high school with, hires Jim to design his expensive new home.
Plot summary by Gemini0521 (with addition by Themis) - first posted on Andromeda Forum

The first mention of Kevin's character comes via a phone call that Jim outbid 4 other contracters for the job of designing Darryl's new house! Jim doesn't want to do it at first - it seems Darryl was something of a big shot at school (and Jim thinks he still is), but Darryl invites him and Cheryl to dinner the next night. Over dinner, Darryl gets a call on his cell phone from his broker in Japan and leaves the table to talk with him - rather rude (JMHO). Jim then calls someone on his cell phone and asks that the call be returned immediately, hoping to impress Darryl somehow! When the call is returned, Jim leaves the table momentarily - and that is when Darryl hits on Cheryl, asking her to help him pick out a suit, then have dinner together. She assumes he means to include Jim, but he says no, just the two of them. Cheryl is shocked, to say the least. She later confides the story to her sister and asks her not to tell Jim, but that night, in bed, Cheryl tells all! She expects him to be angry, but instead he is jubliant, saying, "Yes, I finally have something he wants - you!" Cheryl is upset over Jim's reaction.

The next morning, Jim tells Cheryl that Darryl is coming over to discuss plans for the new house. That makes Cheryl uncomfortable. That evening as the men are discussing the plans (their neighbour is there, too) Jim calls for Cheryl to bring out the refreshments. He expects her to be dressed nicely, but instead she is in sweats and her hair is up off her neck! He embarrasses her in front of the other men, and she go upstairs - Jim follows her and they get into a discussion about Darryl. Jim comes back downstairs - for which Darryl is grateful, since the neighbour has been talking his ear off - and tells Darryl that he knows he made a pass at Cheryl. At first he denies it, but Jim says Cheryl told him all about it. At that point, Darryl admits it and apologizes. Cheryl is standing at the top of the stairs, listening to the conversation. When Darryl notices her, he seemed to suggest that they stage a little show for her, expecting a fake punch. Jim punches him in the stomach and Darryl says "You really hit me!" Then he gets his coat and leaves. The neighbour, who been outside (at Jim's request), throws a snowball at him! As Jim and Cheryl are talking at the bottom of the stairs, the neighbour comes running through the house, Darryl right behind him. Darryl then hits him with a snowball. After doing so, he tells Jim he will see him Monday.

At the end Jim and Cheryl go out to dinner and they spot Darryl with Cheryl's sister - Jim set them up!


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