An American Carol


Shooting: supposedly first week of March 2008


Kevin Sorbo: This movie, "An American Carol", will raise a few eyebrows. I think it's going to piss off the Hollywood liberal world. I did the movie because I wanted to play this fun part. The movie made me laugh. It's honest about terrorism and what these guys want. What they want is for us to be dead. <> It's gonna piss people off but me, I'll go to the theater and laugh at it. I'll laugh at a liberal movie. I'll laugh at a conservative movie. For me, this is a form of entertainment and it is very funny. Kevin Farley does a great job playing a Michael Moore type who is visited by three ghosts from America's past; one is Jon Voight playing George Washington, the second is Kelsey Grammer playing George Patton, and the third is Trace Adkins playing himself so it's just very funny. It starts out on the hillside of some Afghanistan training camp at nighttime and they're plotting an attack and the leader shouts out Muhammed and they all stand up and he goes "Fuck, I must call them by their last names" so he yells Hussein and again they all stand up so he just points to one guy and says "You come here," so it has a great sense of humor about it all. ((2.09).08
Kevin Sorbo plays an acclaimed feature director who wins an Oscar for his film, "That McCarthy Sure Was Bad" which I believe Participant Media is actually making as we speak. (05.09.08 - Dr. Hfuhruhurr's Review)

The "name" celebrities do not disappoint. Kevin Sorbo entertains as a George Clooney wannabe. <> (07.10.09



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