TV-series, 1982-93, episode 10.18 "License to Hill"

13.02.92 on the air


The core of the series was the Boston bar "Cheers", where everybody knows your name. Drinking or working at the bar people can live their life and share it with the others. Kevin Sorbo was an uncredited extra in the episode, playing a customer, sitting around and reacting to the antics of the main characters.
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Condition: Critical (Final Pulse)

German Title "Todlicher Virus"


Director: Jerrold Freedman - Screenwriter: Michael Braverman

Sorbo won a role in a pilot for NBC hour called "Condition Critical", which wasn't picked up as a series - instead NBC turned it into a TV-movie: "A Lethal Thriller About Madness, Medicine and Murder".


Screencaps by courtesy of Anne from Sorbo Dreams


It was a medical drama/thriller about a killer virus on the loose in Los Angeles. Dr. Thaddeus Kocinski (Kevin Sorbo) and Dr. Lena Poole (Joanna Pacula) have to set their past to work as part of a team trying to find the cure for a deadly disease.

Kevin Sorbo: "We were three years ahead of the 'ER' and 'Chicago Hope' thing." (11.05.95 Newsday)

Kevin's work as a doctor/medical investigator in an ahead-of-its-time pilot called "Condition Critical" was particularly strong. (07.05 Themis)


Two inessential footnotes:
1) Screenwriter Michael Braverman became the co-executive producer on 'Chicago Hope' in 1994.
2) In 1996 (when she appeared in Kevin's life) Sam Jenkins/now Sorbo was playing recurring role of Dr. Caroline Eggert in the series 'Chicago Hope'.
















There was also another pilot, this time a Fox hour, very short-lived 'Aspen', which also crashed before it became a series. They were shooting in Aspen, Colorado - America's favorite ski spot.

It featured Sorbo in a role that he laughingly calls 'Sam Malone on skis'. (27.08.97 Orange County Register)


It's all what I've found about this role...


The essential footnote:
These two unlucky pilots ('Condition' & 'Aspen') were seen around Hollywood and the producers of the 'Hercules' project asked Sorbo to come in for a script reading.


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