Tommy and the Cool Mule

Working titles "Mule Boy" and "Jackie A."


Shooting: August 2008


<...> Kevin Sorbo just left town after wrapping the Dallas filming of their latest film. "This is the fourth film that Kevin and I have done together, in addition to Walking Tall: The Payback, Walking Tall: Lone Justice and Fire From Below, all shot in the Dallas area," says producer and director Andrew Stevens. "The working title of the film has been Mule Boy. Obviously we'll come up with a better title. It's about a boy and a talking mule who enter an open ranch class competition at a stock show and triumph over older kids on horses. Kevin plays the comedic foil, a wealthy land developer trying to foreclose on the boy's farm." Except for Kevin Sorbo and Siri Baruc, the actress playing the boy's mom, all cast and crew are from the Dallas area. (15.08.08 The Dallas Morning News)
When Tommy Braxton's soldier father dies, his family comes under a financial strain. Tommy's mother is forced to sell their horses, and must fend of financial - and romantic - advances from slick realtor Dodge Davis. As a scheme to get into his mother's good graces, Davis gives Tommy a mule. Tommy is bullied by Davis' son, who challenges him to horseback-riding competitions. Imagine Tommy's surprise when he discovers that the mule can talk! Will the magical mule help Tommy win the junior riding competition? (03.09 Parents Television Council Reviews)



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