TV-series (CBS), 1978-91


Sorbo's first dramatic part on TV was on the prime-time 'soap of soaps' - the saga of the Ewing Family in 1983.

On the Hercules/Xena Convention (Pasadena, Jan.2000) Kevin gave the audience his performance as a Camp Counsellor, reenacting his first professional line on TV.

Kevin Sorbo: My first speaking part. -- Marilyn: Do you remember it? -- KS: Probably not. It was a blink. It was very quick. We played camp counsellors at a camp for children that were like not problem children but just had, you know, whatever they had. And I had like one line knocking on the door and go, 'Peter, the camp counsellor wants to see you.' (13.01.03 Cityline, Canada TV)












Santa Barbara

TV-series (NBC), 1984-92


In this Dobson's soap about family of the Santa Barbara's wealthy and famous oil tycoon C.C.Capwell, Kevin played delivery man in Gina's fantasy.

In mid 1987 he returned from Australia to Los Angeles. Kevin Sorbo: "I went back to Hollywood and got a part in Santa Barbara." (16.10.96 - Glitter #2).
"Up and coming actor Kevin Sorbo has done it all. This avid beach goer has appeared on the soap "Santa Barbara"..." (Summer 1987 International Male Catalog)
There is another info - about him playing a Swede named Lars Stedwell (a student dancer ?) which seems to be the same character as above. If you have a conception, be so kind, let me know.















Divorce Court

A former USA Network (now syndicated) reality-based courtroom show. That days the cases involved actors instead of real couples.

Kevin Sorbo: "I did a 'Divorce Court'. I played an actor called the Tennessee Stud. An ex-porno star. (Laughs) The women owned a company that sold edible underwear, and her husband caught her sampling the underwear - while I was wearing it. I put on this Tennessee accent that was really horrific. I can't believe I am telling you this." (1.02.97 TVGuide)












TV-series (HBO), 1984-91, episode 5.5 "...The Clock Runs Out"

2.11.88 on the air


Kevin Sorbo: "After the part in 'Santa Barbara', I had recurring roles in the HBO sitcom 'First And Ten'." (16.10.96 - Glitter #2)

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no info about this Kevin's role (or roles?). In whole it was an adult-oriented comedy about a sexy socialite Diane (Delta Burke) who finds herself the owner of the tenth-rate football team ... Football, women & the guys who love them both. [In football 'first and ten' means first try to gain ten yards.]


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