Fire From Below


Shooting: (14).11-(14).12.07


Seismic investigator Jake Denning (Kevin Sorbo) and his fiancee, Karen, are on vacation at Lost Lake when the first in a bizarre series of events embroil them in a mystery of global proportions.
Digging at nearby cave, a careless industrialist has unearthed a vein of pure, base Lithium and inadvertently brings it to the surface, where the Lithium combusts when coming into contact with water and begins to wreak havoc across the country side. Four boaters are the first to encounter the perilous effects when their craft is engulfed by walls of fire that erupt from below and across the lake bed. Jake and Karen start putting together clues when they find one of the boater's charred remains, and later discover that the entire town has succumbed to a deadly, noxious gas.
Within hours of their call for help, the Military arrives and seals off the region. But things go from bad to worse when a seismic eruption entraps two of Jake's colleagues, and an Army sergeant, below the earth's surface in a labyrinth of mine shafts and caves. A rescue mission is mounted to try to save them before times runs out. Jake deduces that this disaster is more than just an isolated event. Growing stronger at exponential rate, the unleashed fissure of pure Lithium will soon reach critical mass, endangering the lives of millions.
With the collaboration of the Military, Jake must find a way to rescue his co-workers and prevent a terrestrial holocaust. But unbeknownst to Jake, the army has a back-up plan to detonate massive underground explosives -- at the expense of the lives of those trapped beneath the surface.
Jake races against the clock for his own survival in a film filled with action, suspense and the state-of-art special effects.
(11.07 Press Release from Andrew Stevens Entertainment site)
"The location fit what was described in the script," said associate producer Nathan Ross. "We were to film a water ski scene here anyway, so we got to looking around and found Eustace. It was perfect." Scenes were also filmed at Lost Lake, a private lake off Goodell Lane owned by Joe Ed Smith, and at Sue's Roost and other locations, including one near the volunteer fire department where an outbuilding was blown up. There was no fireball, though. "Most of the fire is done by computer generated graphics," Ross explained.
"Everybody here is so nice and willing to help," Ross said, "including the fire department." He explained that the city granted permission for the company to use the locale and the name. (21.11.07 Cedar Creek Pilot)
The crew from the movie "Fire From Below" came to Marengo last week and filmed one day at the Marengo Warehouse and Distribution Center, using military helicopters and explosives to film the last scene of the movie. The crew then moved to Marengo Cave for three days of filming underground. (19.12.07 The Corydon Democrat)



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