Illuminati: Out of Chaos Comes Order


Shooting: now seem to be in pre-production


Kevin Sorbo: David Winning is a good friend of mine. He directed quite a few episodes of "Andromeda" and we've always kept in touch, he emails me on a pretty regular basis. Actually, we are putting together this project right now and I hope this happens. A very cool project. I can't talk about it right now, but if we get this thing going - It comes down to financing right now, everything is crazy with the financing. (14.09.08

In "The Illuminati" Kevin Sorbo plays Thomas Mant, a battle-hardened martial arts warrior who serves as the enforcer to the secretive group. Mant is a cold-blooded killer thanks to the lifelong training process known as "partitioning" which buries all human feelings, leaving the practitioner absolutely faithful to his superiors and also immune to feeling any emotion or sympathy to his targets. But when a coup takes place within the Illuminati Mant is forced to fight against his mentor and his partitioning begins to shatter. Now on the run and forced to confront his burgeoning humanity, Mant starts to assess what he has done and what he holds within his power to do to save himself from assassination. (10.11.08
Kevin Sorbo: The Illuminati is an actual secret society that was formed in Bavaria in the 1700's - and its mission was to form a New World Order. A lot of stuff happened, and they caused a lot of upheaval and the Society of The Illuminati was eventually banned by the government of Bavaria. But still today, many around the world completely believe the Society went underground and survived and still exists, and operates as a shadow government controlling world events. One of the leading world Illuminati experts is a consultant on our movie. The scary thing about a conspiracy theory is you can never prove it... yet, you can never disprove it either. So is there still an actual Illuminati still secretly controlling world events? Was a splinter cell passed down generation to generation through certain "bloodlines"? We don't know? But for our movie - we take the theory at face value and plunge headlong into this world - and it's really really interesting and scary stuff. (31.10.08



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