Just Shoot Me


TV-series (NBC), 1997-..., episode 4.7 "An Axe to Grind"

23.11.99 on the air -- Director: Pamela Fryman - Screenwriter: Brian Reich

Filming - 10.99


After H:TLJ ended production, Sorbo told his agent that he would love to appear on one of his three favorite sitcoms: 'Friends', 'Just Shoot Me' and 'Sports Night'. Two days later he got a call and in the middle of October he was in Los Angeles taping a guest spot on 'Just Shoot Me'. (20.11.99 Winston-Salem Journal)

Kevin Sorbo: "It was weird having a sport coat on... and being before a live audience." (22.11.99 USA Today)



When Scott (Kevin Sorbo), a timber-industry executive, comes to town, magazine photographer Elliott DiMauro (Enrico Colantoni) decides to have some fun by introducing his visiting lumberjack friend to environmentalist Maya (Laura San Giacomo). He was expecting that Scott's job will arouse the full wrath of the tree-defender. To his shock, after one minor squabble, the two hit it off and set up a date. Well and good... but Scott romances Maya only to prove to his high school buddy, that he's the better ladies' man. Elliott tries to warn her and after Maya becomes disillusioned with Scott, she and Elliott find themselves kissing.


When Laura San Giacomo was interviewed on some news show, she was thrilled to have been kissed by Kevin.

"For his role Sorbo had to kiss San Giacomo, a scene that was reshot six times. 'It's important to get it right,' says a smirking Sorbo. 'Laura's a good kisser but not as good as my wife, Sam.' Good answer." (01.11.99 People Weekly)

That time Sorbo obviously wasn't playing 'positive hero' - his character was described as "kind of smarmy", "lecherous person" and "quite the jerk". Though Scott isn't really a 'bad' guy... he is s just not good.
At the end Elliott tells Maya that she shouldn't feel bad about Scott dumping her, after all he hunts deer in the forest with a crossbow




Opinions of the fans vary from "Kevin was hilarious", "Kevin did just a great job, but the Scott plot should have been given more time" to "I totally thought it was a waste of time for Kevin and his talent". And Kevin's silence about this role made me thinking he is not really glad with the result.


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