Last Chance Cafe

13.11.06 on the air -- Director: Jorge Montesi - Screenplay: Pamela Wallace

Taped - 07/08.06



Kevin Sorbo went to Vancouver, again, this time to film "Last Chance Cafe". First news on the movie for Lifetime TV leaked out by the end of March, 2006. It is a romantic drama/murder mystery based on the novel of the same title by Linda Lael Miller.

The noveI in outline = Hallie O'Rourke doesn't have much time to grieve over the violent death of her stepfather Lou, as killers pursue her for critical information. Hallie flees the town with her daughters in a wretched truck, which breaks down in a snowstorm somewhere in Nevada. However, with this force landing her luck was on the turn. She met rancher Chance who gives her a place to live and she got a job of a waitress at "The Last Chance Cafe". Her present is good, but her past could get them all killed.

Kevin played the male lead with Kate Vernon as heroine. His character from the book, Chance Qualtrough, was described by one of the readers as "caring and gentle, sexy, patient and determined to protect the woman he loves".

Quite naturally, some aspects of the written text are indebted to be changed on their way to the screen. For example, instead of 7-years old twins movie kept only one kid, Kiley, played by 12-year old Canadian actress Jessica Amlee (whom Andromeda fans can recognize as the Little Girl, saved by Rommie in the episode "Dance of the Mayflies").

The filming began on July 17th.

The "Last Chance Cafe" was produced by Josanne Lovick (one of executive producers on "Andromeda" and friend of Linda Lael Miller).

Linda Lael Miller: "Off to Vancouver tomorrow, to visit the movie set!" (19.07.06 posted on her Blog)

Linda Lael Miller: "I flew to Vancouver and watched, fascinated, as Kevin Sorbo and other members of the cast of the Lifetime movie of "The Last Chance Cafe" brought MY story to life! Kevin, I'm here to tell you, is seriously cute, not to mention gracious, and he SO nailed my character, Chance Qualtrough, who is called Chance Coulter in the movie. (02.08.06 posted on her Blog)

Sorbo just wrapped up shooting "Last Chance Cafe", in which he plays the husband of Kate Vernon. (09.08.06 NUVO newspaper)



On-set photos with Kevin - at Jessica's site (choose Movies)


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