Love, Inc.


TV-series (UPN), 2005- ...., episode 1.7 "Amen"

27.10.05 on the air -- Director: Sheldon Epps - Screenwriter: Laurie Parres

Filmed - (8-9) October 2005


Sitcom. A group of savvy matchmakers at a full-service dating consulting firm LOVE, INC. help lovelorn single men and women present the best image possible to just the right prospects, while they all continue to grapple with their own romantic struggles and entanglements. Leading the flourishing team is owner and founder of LOVE, INC., Clea (Holly Robinson Peete). (

Father John (Kevin Sorbo) was Clea's priest that she had gone to for marriage councelling before her divorce. Now he has left the ministry to find a soulmate. He takes up professional help of dating consultants of LOVE, INC.. The former priest from Clea's church asks her out on a date. She feels awkward, still accepts the invitation. John has fallen in love with Clea. But she has second thoughts.

In Australia Kevin Sorbo talked about playing a "priest who got a bit too interested in the opposite sex". (10.09.05 Sydney Convention, report by Sabina)
The Preacher from "Avenging Angel" isn't the first time for Sorbo to play a man of God. He guest-starred as a former priest on UPN's "Love, Inc."; and played a priest in the indie film "Clipping Adam." (26.03.07 Hollywood Reporter)


Opinions of the fans:


= I have to give it to him, and I'm not a huge Sorbo fan, but he did well. I know my comedy, and he had great timing and made the poor lines he was given, actually work.

= Kevin was at his comedic best and his expessions were superb.

= Kevin was quite funny there.

= The show isn't wonderful, but Kevin was; some great expressions, and the line about never having sex, ever - priceless, as they say on the commercials. He said that with a straight face, too - who says the man can't act?!!!



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