Murder, She Wrote

TV-series (Universal), 1984-96, episode 10.5 "Virtual Murder"

31.10.93 on the air -- Director: Lee Smith - Screenwriter: Carlton Hollander




Head of a virtual reality programming business, designer of a virtual reality video game Michael Burke (Kevin Sorbo) offered Jessica (Angela Lansbury) to write a murder mystery story, which must be the base of the new successful game. She welcomed the suggestion and wrote a book for a friend's company. Jessica is fascinated by a demo of the finished game, but, while playing it, she thinks she sees a real murder. She finds herself investigating it in the unfamiliar world and happens on a high-technologized key. Michael wasn't the murderer nor was he the killer. Although he was arrested for the crime.


"Kevin played a geek, but what an appealing geek he was :)."

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The Commish

TV-series (ABC), 1991-95, episode 3.8 "Dying Affection"

20.11.93 on the air -- Director: Rachel Feldman - Screenwriter: Evan Katz


In this Canadian slightly offbeat TV police comedy/drama heartfelt series Kevin Sorbo played ill-fated boyfriend of the Detective Cydelia Madison (Melinda McGraw) - the Lawyer named Mark Hayne [Hague?].


Cyd separated with Mark after the extremely unsightly meeting. ... Some deranged madman is obsessed with Cyd, showing his love by sending her dead birds. Because of a row of mysterious things, suspicion falls on her former boyfriend and everybody accept that Mark wants to terrorize her and so take revenge on her. But even when Mark is shot the terror goes on. The ending is unexpected, largely due to Kevin's excellent acting.

There is a reference to the episode as "featuring Kevin Sorbo as a psychopath". But the character wasn't really a psychopath - more of a freak, who wanted to control Cyd's future (with him, of course). It's hard to date this kind of man: he orders for you at the resturaunt, finishes your sentences, doesn't let you have your own thoughts. But Kevin's Mark was a bit more difficult to say 'no' to... and he was being framed in the background by the true psychopath...

Thanks Robinsnest, Stripe and Aquillea for making it clear for me.


Kevin Sorbo: "I remember being in an episode of 'The Commish'. I changed the words around in one sentence and they flipped. They said, 'What did he say? He said it like this!' and I said, 'Well, it makes sense but let's call the writer...' It was Stephen Cannell, they called him. They wasted, like, a half an hour trying to get a hold of him. And then of course he came back, 'Say it the way it's written.' And I sat there the whole time going, 'Let's just shoot it again. I'll say it the way you want it. I just flipped it and...' We wasted half an hour. But it sounded good," he chuckles, "Half an hour and we go back to shoot the way it's written and you just kind of go, 'Oh my God!'" (01.02 Xpose #63)

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Two essential footnotes:
1) Stephen J. Cannell, the Action Hour writer/producer throughout the 70's, 80's, and early 90's, wasn't the screenwriter on "The Commish" (at last on this ep) - he is credited only <G> as Executive Producer.
2) While in Vancouver shooting 'Dying Affection' Kevin was said that he've got Hercules.

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