Shooting: December 2008


Kevin Sorbo: Brenton Spencer is another guy who sent me a script not too long ago, actually it has been awhile. We're going back and forth with sci-fi cable to make it a TV series. It's a great idea, the script is phenomenal. We're hoping to make it work but, once again, I can't elaborate on it. It just gets out there but it's not real yet. I'm hoping it does happen. I would love to get back up there and shoot because I really enjoyed Vancouver, we'll see what happens. (14.09.08
Legacy Filmworks, a Canadian production company, has partnered with comic publisher Arcana Studios and a production-finance group to produce a slate of five films based on some of Arcana's titles. "The first will be the sci-fi thriller "Paradox," which will star Kevin Sorbo and be directed by Brenton Spencer ("Stargate: Atlantis"). Sorbo plays a homicide cop on a parallel Earth ruled by magic who investigates a series of murders committed by a previously unseen means: the power of science. Christos Gage and Ruth Fletcher Gage wrote the screenplay based on Arcana's three-issue limited series written by Christos Gage." (21.12.08 The Hollywood Reporter)
Brenton Spencer has directed two episodes on "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda" ("An Affirming Flame" and "To Loose The Fateful Lightning".)
The main character Sean Nault (Sorbo), is a Homicide detective on a parallel Earth where magic powers everything instead of electricity and batteries. The movie follows Nault as he investigates strange murders committed without the use of magic - but instead, with science.
"They've never seen a bullet, their guns don't fire bullets, they fire magical energy," said Christos Gage. "There is no gunpowder. So he has to research how this weapon works. What are these powder burns around the wound? It's brand new for them, and soon he realizes that someone is using science to create a gateway to our world - the world of science." (10.02.09 MTVNetWorks)


Sean Nault from the comics



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