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1990 -- Public Service Announcement "America Responds to AIDS" (TV)
Kevin Sorbo: "I met Meg Ryan once. She had just finished shooting "The Doors" back in 1990. I was coming back from New York City finishing the AIDS commercial." (06.96 Sorbo for H:TLJ's Forum)
"I want you. I want to hold you for hours at a time, I want to talk to you till I don't have a voice. Introduce me to everyone who's important to you - your friends, your family. Look at me - I want to spend my life with you. I'll never hurt you, I'll never lie you, I'll never put you in danger. There's a time for us to be lovers; we will wait until that time comes."
To hear these words in Kevin's charming voice go to Rosemary Appleton's Kevin Sorbo Page



05.98 -- Public Service Announcement for "A World Fit For Kids!" (TV)
taped January 1998
"Kevin Sorbo, the star of the syndicated hit H:TLJ is helping kids fight their battles of low self-esteem, gangs, drugs, and violence. Sorbo has become the spokesperson for the Council coalition member, AWFFK! Sorbo has already accelerated the momentum of the program. He has filmed a series of hard-hitting PSAs to be aired throughout the coming year." (01.98 California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports Newsletter)


Universal was airing PSA after or within "Hercules". They have released several different promos internationally to be aired at other times also.

"In my role as Hercules I play a hero, who uses his power to help others. In real life we can all be heroes. It is as simple as one-two-three. One - make a decision, make a difference. Two - make a call to World Fit for Kids to find out how you can get involved. And three - become a mentor to a child who needs a hero. Call 888-821-2181 now, to find out how you can use your power to help create a better world, a world fit for kids."



1998 -- 2 Public Service Announcements for Nevada Child Seekers
Nevada Child Seekers is a non-profit organization dedicated to locating missing, abducted and runaway children.



10.98 -- The Truth About Drinking (TV Special)
17-24.10.98 on the air -- Produced by Arnold Shapiro
It was a 46-minutes, nationally syndicated CBS documentary program aimed at teenagers, attempted to explore the devastating effects of alcohol and the potential consequences of alcohol use from every perspective. Included a trip to a morgue to view victims of a drunk-driving crash. It was narrated by Leeza Gibbons with appearances by Tyra Banks, Kevin Sorbo, and Evander Holyfield.

The same year it was released as 30-minutes "Truth About Drinking (Teen Files)" video and it received a 1999 Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Program.

From Kevin's lines: "Be smart. You get one life. Why do you want to waste it being wasted?"



01.99 -- Public Service Announcement for Job Shadow Day (radio)
taped December 1998

Actor Kevin Sorbo is lending his strength to Groundhog Job Shadow Day. Sorbo will promote this national initiative to engage students in the world of work through a radio tour. This February 2nd, half a million students across America will shadow a workplace mentor as he or she goes through a normal day on the job, and get an up-close look at how the skills they learn in school are put into action in the workplace. Sorbo hopes his involvement in GJSD will inspire business people to participate. "Every employer can contribute, regardless of the size of his or her business, and it is such a simple gesture,'' he said. "By inviting a young person to job shadow for a day, you are giving them the opportunity to discover their potential. If the student sees a job they might like, it can be a real turning point in the child's academic life. We need businesses to step up and make a difference in young people's lives. You can be a real hero to a young person simply by providing them the chance to see what you do for a living.'' (14.12.98 Junior Achievement Press Release)

The spots were provided to 1,000 radio stations nationwide.

Kevin recorded 15 and 30 second versions. The leitmotif was: "You don't have to be Hercules for kids to look up to you. ... You can be a hero to kid by giving him a chance to see what you do for living. It is a simple gesture but wonder will last for lifetime."


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(c) 1999 GJSD - AWFFK



01.00 -- Public Service Announcement for Job Shadow Day (radio+TV)
Kevin Sorbo donated his time to record an announcment encouraging America to get involved in National Groundhog Job Shadow Day, which allowed students to figure out how the skills they learn in school can be put into action by shadowing a mentor through a normal day on the job. He promoted the national initiative to engage students in the world of work through radio and satellite television tours.




This PSA CD was sent to radio stations.



01.01 -- Public Service Announcement for Job Shadow Day (radio)
Kevin Sorbo is appearing on a set of radio stations to promote Job Shadow Day, a nationwide event on the 2nd of February that is intended to introduce young people to working by giving them a day-long look at a workplace. (19.01.01 Slipstream News)



Spring 2001 -- The Anti-Drug special (TV)
Some Los Angeles TV channel aired a special on Kids and drugs, with many movie stars saying their part.
From Kevin's lines: "Asking your kids where they are isn't pestering, it's parenting."



09.01 -- Public Service Announcement for a fund that Tribune started to aid the victims of the Sept. 11th tragedy (TV)



02.02 -- Steroids: The Hard Truth (TV Special)
16-23.02.02 on the air -- the 30-minutes program
IN THE MIX - Reality television for teens (New York) - The program is regularly re-broadcast on PBS affiliates across the country.
Hosted by Kevin Sorbo, this special addressed the dangers of the growing use of illegal anabolic steroids for teenage boys and girls, covering the physical, emotional and social effects. Experts interviewed include doctors, a trainer, and a nutritionist. Provides teens with practical alternatives to steroids.

From Kevin's lines: "It happens everyday. You see someone on TV or in a movie or magazine that's got that... Maybe it's the look you've been striving for, maybe it's just the look you've been dreaming about, or maybe you've been tempted to try steroids as a way to finally get it. I've never used anabolic steroids and I never will. <...> Well, it's okay if you want to get toned to feel good about the way you look, or improve your athletic performance. But taking the steroid shortcut comes at a high price. One that your mind and your body will pay for a long, long time."

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