Lightening Strikes


Shooting: November - first half of December 2008


The story is about an unusual lightning storm that targets individuals at night and kills them.
Jarrett Crippen, aka The Defuser (Deputy Al Johnson): When I first met Kevin I had just gotten done in wardrobe when he walked into the VERY small wardrobe trailer. I was walking out. I didnt want to bug THE STAR so I just nodded and moved past him. He stopped, stuck out his hand and say "Hi! I'm Kevin." (Like I didn't know who he was...) We began talking and he found out I was his deputy and it continued on from there.
Turns out that when Kevin is abroad the last place he wants to be (unless he has other scripts and such to read, which he always seems to have) is his hotel room. It was great walking the streets of Sophia with him and he is incredibly magnanimous. If he noticed someone looking sideways at him he would take the time to stop and shake their hand. He was very patient as not all of them spoke English. Although many do.
Kevin was also very patient with me as I am not an actor and had been given a significant role in the movie. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor in Kevin and in Gary Jones the director, both very nice and patient. (14.01.09 post on Kevin Sorbo Forum)



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