Tales of an Ancient Empire


Shooting: 16.12.08 - (01-02).09


"The Sword and the Sorcerer", directed by Albert Pyun, became a cult hit after its 1982 release. Lee Horsley starred as Prince Talon. At the end of the film, after Talon had defeated the bad guys, the screen went black and the following words appeared: "Watch for Talon's new adventure Tales of the Ancient Empire coming soon."
"Tales of an Ancient Empire", which stars Christopher Lambert and Kevin Sorbo as swashbuckling rogues who are half-brothers, is lensing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Joining Lambert and Sorbo is Victoria Maurette as their younger half-sister, Tanis. The three siblings have different mothers (a court maiden, a farm girl, and a queen) but share the same surly and womanizing dad, original "Sword and Sorcerer" star Lee Horsley. According to director Pyun, his new saga is the "ultimate anti-Lord of the Rings." (10.04.08 dreadcentral.com)
Titled "Tale of an Ancient Empire" the new film casts Horsley as a mercenary general and father to stars Christopher Lambert - himself making a return to the genre that made him an international star - Kevin Sorbo and Victoria Maurette. <...> In Pyun's words, "It's got a sexy sorceress, hordes of demonic vampires, a giant serpent, sea pirates, nasty sword (and axe, spear, leg of cow) fights and gore and nudity galore. Everything that a rousing adventure needs to have." <...> Pyun plans to make it as a true, hard R rated film. (11.04.08 Cinematical)
Sorbo called it "medieval". He is filming next month in Argentina. (12.04.08 Grand Slam convention, report by Themis)

Kevin Sorbo: It comes down to financing right now. The economy is getting hurt everywhere. I'm supposed to start a movie here in October, a medieval movie with Christopher Lambert. It's been pushed back twice but I think it'll happen this time. ((02.09).08 colonelscrypt.com)

According to a note from Kevin he said that he's now working on the film called "Abelar: Search for the Ancient City", filming in Los Angeles. Set in the 15th century and Kevin says it's nice going down memory lane with the costumes and more so similar to his Herc days. His character is Aedan who is a bit of a lush and womanizing con man. He says it's fun!!!!! (02.01.09 KS-Forum, post by Rayhana)
The sword and sorcery epic, written by Cynthia Curnan, tells the story of a princess forced on a quest to recruit the greatest warriors of the ancient world to save her kingdom from a demonic sorceress. But the odyssey to find them reveals a secret past for all. (02.09 talesofanancientempire.com)



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