Never Cry Werewolf

Working title "The House Next Door"


Date of release - 10 May 2008

Presented by Grodfilm Corporation and Peace Arch Entertainment in association with Reel Entertainment --- Produced by: a Red Duck Production

Genre: Horror, Teen Thriller, sometimes Comedy
MPAA Rating: (PG-13)

Shooting: 22 October - early November 2007


  Screenwriter: John Sheppard Loren Hansett -- Nina Dobrev
Director: Brenton Spencer
Jared Martin -- Peter Stebbings
Composer: Michael Richard Plowman Redd Tucker -- Kevin Sorbo
  Filming location: Hamilton (Canada) Steven Kepkie -- Sean O'Neill



In the beginning of the film one can see general view of the town, it is real place not far from Toronto - Hamilton, known as The Big Smoke because of the industry objects, making the air quite disgusting, especially in the summer.

The title contains familiar reference. The European tale about Shepherd Boy who was glad to see villagers running to the rescue after he cried "Wolf!" is well known from the Medieval times. The Boy amused himself with a false alarms until the villagers got angry about stupid joke and found the better way to spend their time. Then the Wolf showed up and ate all sheeps (in some versions - with the Boy).

In English saying "Never cry wolf" is used like a proverb, with meaning: the person frequently telling lies will not be trusted, plus - the joke may can turn deadly, call the wolf and it will appear.

"Kevin Sorbo says it's a very funny script with lots of action." (21.10.07 post by Andulasia, webmistress of Official site)
Brenton Spencer (director): I loved the cast of "Never Cry Werewolf", it was perfect. (08.06.08


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Some people are sure that the original idea was stolen. The movie "Fright Night" (1985) had teenage boy vs. neighbour-vampire, two friends of the main hero turned into vampires, and veteran vampire movie star and local late-night horror showcase host helping to win the battle. Well, landmarks does look similar and it may be frustrating or irritating to horror fans. Not being one of them, I enjoyed the film for what it was.

Kevin Sorbo's character as a comic relief, check. Kevin Sorbo playing a coward, check. Kevin Sorbo as drinking, whining, telling lies and admitting hard truth reluctant hero, check.



Plot summary

A teenage Loren feels something weird in their new neighbour, Jared. Not so very accidentally she witnesses him with the prostitute, who is later announced as being missing. Police is informed but not convinced. Spying closely on Jared and searching the Internet, the girl becomes sure that he is werewolf. He knows that she knows, but don't care. He has a mission: Loren looks exactly like his long dead wife, Melissa, and he needs a) to punish her boyfriend, b) to turn her into a werewolf. First things first - after the unpleasant meeting with Jared and his dog-demon, Steve is going through the transformation into werewolf's pet. No one in the town want to believe in frightful truth - even those, who saw the dog-demon. Desperate Loren has to enlist a TV hunting-show star's help. That unlucky Redd Tucker was called for an autograph session at a local sports/hunting store. He is thought to be the Great Hunter - but he is just an actor... Who is ready to play his role by the night of full moon.


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