Xena: Warrior Princess


TV-series (Universal), 1995-2001, episode 1.8 "Prometheus"

06.11.95 on the air -- Director: S.Posey - Screenwriter: R.J. Stewart

Filmed 08-09.95


Information for those who want to correlate story with "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" -- "Prometheus" has to be placed between second season episodes "The Fire Down Below" and "Cast a Giant Shadow".
Lucy Lawless: "I think it turned out great. It was so nice to work with Kevin again. It's really like an ensemble cast, because everybody knows their characters and you're not mucking around trying to find something in a scene, so filming went much faster." (01.96 Starlog #222)
Michael Hurst: "[broken wrist] It was X:WP I did it on. You can't spot it because in "Prometheus" there's a fight we do in a barn and theres a move I do on this guy, its the end of the fight where I fall on my back and I'm pulling him over and he has to go over the top and he ends up upside of that, then I reverse flip back onto him, his chest and do that [indicates a hit]. The take they're using is the one that worked, the second take is the one where I went over like that [indicates how], my arm got stuck on the floor and his whole weight came down on it and it broke across there - you can see, its a whole different shape and it snapped across here. And then in the one that works, I punch him and then flip up into a close-up and do something like "errrr" and in the one that doesn't work, I flip up into a close-up, its all perfectly in focus, I've seen it, but my face is like white and I'm screaming without making a sound and I'd broken it. And on the take that the break is happening, you can hear it go [snap]." (20.05.99 Interwiev to Hurst News)
Episode disclaimer: Iolaus was harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, the Green Egg Men went to live long and prosperous lives.


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