Tales of Young Hercules


Audiobook - voice of Kevin Sorbo

Based on the story "Hercules" by Bernard Evslin
Music by Craig Braginsky


Kevin had recorded the "Tales of Young Hercules" audiobook for BMP Audio. A limited, pre-publication version of the tape was released on 31.08.96.

The limited edition was part of the 'Words for Hope' project, and all profits was donated to a charity of Sorbo's choice. The special version contains extra material that was not included in the mass market release.














Hercules - Enchanted Tales


Audiobook "Hercules - Enchanted Tales Vol.3" -- release June 1997

There are seven classical stories of Hercules' life, based on the text by Bernard Evslin.

Side A (read by Kevin Sorbo): The Twins - The Serpents - Chiron - The Vision -- Side B (read by Michael Hurst): The Taskmaster - The Nemean Lion - The Hydra ..... In another words, Kevin narrates the story of Herc's growing up, when Michael tells about his first labours.


Excerpts from reviews on Amazon.com:

-- Considering the sex and violence of the original, Evslin has done a wonderful job of rendering the events suitably for young listeners. Even more astonishing, Sorbo and especially Hurst, Hollywood hunks with distinctly modern personalities and limited technical resources, read with great charm, drama and expression.

-- Sorbo and Hurst are fantastic. Kevin's deeply sincere tone is captivating. Even if you're not interested in Greek mythology, these actors and their wonderful voices will MAKE you change your mind.
-- Dimm the lights, sit back and relax! Sorbo's reading is extremely convincing and he could easily charm you or your kids to sleep. But Michael Hurst's enthusiasm revives you. .... With those reading abilities, they can babysit my kids any day!
-- My only complaint is that it's not long enough to get my fill of sexy Kevin Sorbo's deep rich voice!














Moving Out

25 minutes short film

16.11.02 Vancouver premiere -- Director and Screenwriter: Sam Sorbo

Shooting: Spring 2002


"On the Starfest both Laura Bertram and Brent Stait mentioned they had both acted in a short film directed by Kevin's wife Sam! They said several other "Andromeda" cast people were in it, with Kevin playing a psychiatrist. The story is about a head injury patient (a issue close to Sam's heart)." (24.04.02 Slipstream BBS - posted by MegL)

Brent Stait is playing the lead in a short film written by Sorbo's wife, actress Sam Jenkins. "We hope to get it out to Sundance and other festivals," says Sorbo. [Kevin didn't allude to his own participation] (22.05.02 - zap2it.com interview)

Plot in short:

The doctor tells Sherry it is time for Colin, her head-injured brother, to make the final step in his challenging recovery: to live independently. But just the idea of moving out sends Colin into a bewildered rage. The impending change forces both siblings to confront deep-seated feelings of fear, guilt, frustration and grief.


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