09.01.01 New York Post

Kevin Sorbo will guest star on "Dharma & Greg" as a college professor who tutors Dharma. We know this because ABC has been calling journalists - asking if they would be interested in appearing as extras in the episode, specifically in a scene set at the University.


10.01.01 Toronto Sun (Canada)
Greg's Herculean task to keep Dharma

It was revealed that former Hercules hunk Kevin Sorbo, now headlining GR's Andromeda, will flirt with Dharma as her college professor in an upcoming two-parter. Thomas Gibson, who plays Greg, didn't seem too worried. "If Hercules shows up in your life, your wife might pay attention to him for a couple of days. Basically, that's all we're talking about. It doesn't really go anywhere. He just happened to be there when Greg is a little bit absent. It doesn't go as far as the titillating press might want." Besides, Greg could kick Herc's Olympian butt, Gibson insists. "He's Hercules, but he does definitely have his Achilles heel - not to mix my Greek metaphors."


13.01.01 TV Guide
Dharma and... Hercules?

Kevin Sorbo is coming between Dharma and Greg. The actor, who flaunted his buffed bod as the mythical hero on H:TLJ and currently battles evil on Andromeda, will guest-star as hunky college professor who catches Dharma's wandering eye. "It was interesting getting fluttery for another man," says Jenna Elfman.

01.02.01 The Brainerd Daily Dispatch
Sorbo takes crack at lifting 'Dharma's' ratings
by James Endrst

"Dharma & Greg" decided to call in the actor who played Hercules. Kevin Sorbo, currently the star of the sci-fi series "Andromeda," will play a college professor who becomes a one-man temptation island for Dharma, putting her marriage in brief peril. Why now? One reason is that NBC's "Frasier" has been kicking its butt in the ratings (# 9 overall in the Nielsens, when "D&G" is #35). Besides, Sorbo has always wanted to do comedy. "It's a completely different gear," said a slimmed-down and clearly psyched-up Sorbo in an interview. "I mean, from an actor's standpoint, comedy's got to be the hardest thing to do," he said. Still, even with creator-producer Lorre beside him, Sorbo couldn't help tossing in that his guest-starring role was something of a vacation. "Most sitcom actors do in a week what I do in a day and a half on my show, and they know it." As history professor Charlie Sumner ("You were hoping for mythology, weren't you?" he jokes), Sorbo gets to put three-year marriage to the test. "We both sort of develop a crush on each other," Sorbo said. "I'm going through a really, really messy divorce, and something just sort of happens. We hit it off." The "Educating Dharma" story line, again, is only a two-episode arc - "For now," said a perhaps too-hopeful Sorbo. But Sorbo - a handsome, affable and, lately, physically nonthreatening kind of guy - clearly wants more.

02.02.01 GIST TV
A Dharma Dilemma
by Art Smith

A sure sign of a sitcom in trouble is when the show brings in a charismatic guest star, comes up with a cliched plot device designed to make a Serious Statement, and starts skirting uncomfortably close to "very special episode" territory. Kevin Sorbo's guest stint on special two-part episode is worth seeing, but in the long run it's probably not beneficial to the show's future. .... Elfman and Sorbo do such a great job playing opposite each other that it's not always easy to remember that we're supposed to be rooting for Dharma and Greg, not Dharma and Charlie. Sorbo's sweeps guest stint is clearly intended to reinvigorate the tired series by reminding us of the great love between its two lead characters. Instead, it does the opposite by shining a spotlight on how easily their marriage could fall apart - and how little we'd care.


06.02.01 New York Daily News

... For that matter, guest star Sorbo displays a comfortable comedic touch in his scenes with Elfman. It's a skilled honed, no doubt, by many tongue-in-cheek moments of his stardome in the H:TLJ.


06.02.01 MSN Live chat

Actor Kevin Sorbo knows how to get noticed. Whether he's wielding a machete as Hercules or a big smile on Dharma and Greg, Sorbo lights up the screen.

Q: Did you like doing comedy on "Dharma & Greg"?
KS: Yes, the sitcom formula is like doing a miniature play. It is a lot of fun.
Q: Can you tell us about tonight's episode?
KS: I play a college professor that is going through a divorce and Dharma is going through a rough patch with Greg. We have a little crush on each other. There is a surprise ending and you'll just have to tune in tonight and next week to find out what happens.
Q: Do you watch your own shows? What is that like and will you be watching tonight?
KS: Yes, I watch my own shows and I am very critical of myself. I do use it as an acting tool to hopefully improve myself. I am in New York doing promotional work for "Dharma & Greg" and "Andromeda" and I will probably just watch the show by myself in my hotel room.
Q: Guesting tonight on "Dharma & Greg", is it hard to come into a show when everyone knows each other and has a "flow"?
KS: I have found that to be the case when I was first starting out and I always made it a point for actors who guest starred on H:TLJ to make them as comfortable as possible but I think that because of the success I have had, when I came on the set I was treated quite well by the cast and the crew and I had a wonderful time.


06.02.01 Good Morning Texas (Radio)

When asked about the Charlie/Dharma kiss and Sam's opinion on it, Kevin explained that his wife being actress also kisses and added that there was no tongue.


08.02.01 Variety

According to Nielsen, the ABC edged past Fox to capture the night in adults 18-49, highlighted by the most competitive perf of the season for "Dharma & Greg" opposite fellow laffer "Frasier" on NBC...."D&G" (5.9/14), the the first of a two-parter featuriing guest star Kevin Sorbo, came within a tick of "Frasier" (6.0/15) and moved ahead in adults 18-34 (5.3/14 to 4.5/12).

Educating Dharma 1
02.01 - Herc-Forum 

Lyrical = Kevin Sorbo... well duh!! of course he was totally great. Timing was right on, delivery and character impressive and (surprise, surprise to reviewers) he can ACT!! LOL Loved it... In the begining D&G was really good. It was different and just plain fun... now, if they don't have a talent like our Kevin, it drags... Kevin was really good. And after over 30 years in theatre most of it comedy, I would know... he has depth of character that shows thru even in one episode, can NOT wait for the next one....


Educating Dharma 2

02.01 - Herc-Forum

Lyrical = Well it was good and Kevin was wonderful, BUT. How could anyone pick Greg over Charley?? (Kevin) On the other hand... if Charley stayed we would have one tired Kevin trying to do both parts... LOL... It wasn't bad but my heart ached for Kev. It always does.

Sparhawke = Kevin does belong in a sitcom type situation - he has great natural timing and body language! I really enjoyed watching these.


05.03.01 NYPOST.com
Sorbo called back for May

"Dharma & Greg" has invited ex-"Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo back for two May sweeps episodes. Sorbo will reprise his role as Charlie, the college professor with eyes for Dharma. Sorbo's appearances on "D&G" last month helped the show net some of its best ratings this season.


21.04.01 - Denver convention

KS: I just did two more 'D&G' that will air in May. Anything modern day is so cool to me.


30.05.01 National Post (Canada)
Sorbo's labours
by Ian Bailey

"If you're lucky enough to get in a good sitcom, you have got it made. It's an easy workweek." But there are other compensations. Sorbo loves the rush of doing a "miniature play" every week. "You have that rehearsal Monday through Thursday and then Friday you get in front of a live audience. It's just a buzz. You're on pins and needles. The nervous energy is unbelievable. You've rehearsed but still you haven't put it up on its legs in front of a live audience. It's a great feeling. I love it."


Kevin Sorbo The Legendary Journal #3

KS: I also was asked to come back for another two-part guest appearance on 'Dharma & Greg'. Viewership was up 20% for my first appearance, and I certainly did not want to pass up another wonderful opportunity. There is a very creative, dedicated team behind the show - and I hope that I'll have more opportunities in the future to work with them.


The End of the Innocence

05.01 - posted on newsgroup

post 1 = The Sorbo episodes I do not need drama in my comedies - what a hopelessly contrived episode!
post 2 = This show is supposed to be light-hearted, but the drama involving the character of Kevin Sorbo just made the show too serious. As a result, they blew the chemistry between the couple.


11.01 Xpose # 61

Kevin Sorbo: I did four episodes of "Dharma & Greg" and I had a blast doing that.


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