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This is the story of a time long ago A time of myth and legend, when the Earth was still young. The ancient gods were petty and cruel and they plagued mankind for their sport. Plagued them with suffering and besieged them with terrors. For centuries the people had nowhere to turn, no one to look to for help. Until HE arrived. He was a man like no other. Born of a beautiful mortal woman, but fathered by Zeus, King of the gods, Hercules possessed a strength the world had never seen. A strength surpassed only by the power of his heart. But everywhere he went, he was tormented by his stepmother, Hera, the all powerful Queen of the gods. Hera's eternal obsession was to destroy Hercules for he was the constant living reminder of Zeus' infidelity. No matter the obstacle, as long as there were people crying for help, there was one man who would never rest - Hercules!
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  Opening sequence       J.Becker


Hercules and the Amazon Women

1 11.93


J.Selbo, A.Dettmann, D.Truly B.L.Norton


Hercules and the Lost Kingdom

2 (03).02.94


Christian Williams

Harley Cokeliss


Hercules and the Circle of Fire 3


B.Pullman, A.Dettmann, D.Truly D.Lefler


Hercules in the Underworld 4 (04).94


A.Dettmann, D.Truly B.L.Norton


Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur

5 06.94


A.Dettmann, D.Truly J.Becker
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