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"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" - Disclaimer at the end of the last episode:

No ancient Greek myths were harmed during the production of this series, although some were altered for the entertainment and enjoyment of our audience.


"Mythology is something with which the series plays fast and loose. Basically, the Hercules myth is left intact. Hercules' main mission remains unchanged, to protect and defend mortals against, among other things, the whims of the gods. Tapert say beyond that there are only little bits of mythology in the show. "A lot of mythology is dark - fathers sleeping with their daughters, begetting this and that - those aren't tales you can tell in modern days. So, if we find a story, characters or situations and build our own story around it." (2.06.96 TV & Satellite Week)


Life would be pretty boring if we just kept rehashing the same threadbare stuff every year... every century every millennium...

If someone want to get really nit-picky, since the whole Herakles thing is a myth there really are no facts at all, just some elements that are more widely accepted forming part of the standard mythos than others.

The series never was faithful copy of the correct Herakles' myth. Just because there is no *true* version of any myth. There are versions that can be called "canonical". But usually you just must take your pick. If Pherecydes says that it was Amphitryon who put the snakes in the baby Herakles's bed and Pindar charges Hera... If Pindar says Herakles had 8 children from Megara and Euripides says he had only 3... If Euripides reports that Hercules killed Megara and Apollodorus insists that Megara escaped and married Iolaus... If Apollodorus says Herakles was serving Queen Omphale for 3 years and Sophocles recalls only 1 year... And so on, and so forth... Take the variant you like - except that you can't ignore the really well-known, compelling, and important tellings.

"Leslie Perkins, who teaches Latin and Greek and Roman mythology at St. Johns Country Day School, admits to a sneaking affection for Hercules. Purists who complain that the show takes liberties with the mythological Hercules are ignoring the fact that ''the Hercules myth has been treated pretty freely by everybody,'' she added." (5.03.98 Florida Times Union)
Kevin Sorbo: "Even though H:TLJ dealt with the past, it's a mythological past that nobody really knows anyway. So you can deal with something totally made up." (12.00 SFX #72)









Please, note: using the name HERAKLES I'll refer to the mythological hero of the Greek tradition, while using HERC - to his H:TLJ' counterpart, played by Sorbo.



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