Kevin Sorbo



Stage work (1973 -1990)      
Commercials 1981 - ...      
Public Service Announcements and Specials 1990 - ... (PG)    
Dallas 1983 (PG) one line Camp Counsellor
Santa Barbara 1986 (PG) notable Lars Stedwell
Divorce Court no info (PG13) notable Tennessee Stud
First and Ten 1988 (PG13) notable Barry
Cheers 1992 (PG) no lines ustomer
Condition: Critical (Final Pulse) 1992 PG13 lead Thaddeus Kocinski
Aspen (1992?) (PG) lead no info
Slaughter of the Innocents 1993 R notable John Willison
Murder, She Wrote 1993 PG key Michael Burke
The Commish 1993 (PG) key Mark Hayne
Hercules and the Amazon Women 1993 PG13 lead Hercules
Hercules and the Lost Kingdom 1994 PG13 lead Hercules
Hercules and the Circle of Fire 1994 PG13 lead Hercules
Hercules in the Underworld 1994 PG13 lead Hercules
Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur 1994 PG13 lead Hercules
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys 1994-99 PG13 lead Hercules
H:TLJ "The Apple" 1996 PG13 notable Dream-Herc
H:TLJ "Protean Challenge" 1996 PG13 key Proteus-as-Herc
H:TLJ "Surprise" 1996 PG13 notable Ghost
H:TLJ "Les Contempibles" 1997 PG13 lead Robert
H:TLJ "Stranger in a Strange World" 1997 PG13 key Sovereign
H:TLJ "If I had a Hammer" 1997 PG13 key Iron Fellow
H:TLJ "Armageddon Now 1+2" 1997 PG13 key Sovereign
H:TLJ "Yes, Virginia, there is a Hercules" 1997 PG13 notable Herc-as-Kevin
H:TLJ "For Those of You Just Joining Us" 1998 PG13 lead Herc-as-Kevin
H:TLJ "Redemption" 1998 PG13 key Dahak-as-Herc
H:TLJ "Stranger and Stranger" 1998 PG13 notable Sovereign
Cybill 1995 (PG) key Rick
Xena: Warrior Princess ("Prometheus") 1995 PG13 key Hercules
Tales of Young Hercules (audiobook) 1996 G lead Narrator /voice
Hercules and Xena: The Battle for Mount Olympus 1996 PG lead Hercules /voice
Kull The Conqueror 1996 PG13 lead Kull
Hercules - Enchanted tales (audiobook) 1996 (?) G key Narrator /voice
Just Shoot Me 1999 (PG13) key Scott
Xena: Warrior Princess ("God Fearing Child") 1999 PG13 key/lead Hercules
Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda 2000-2004 G-PG lead Dylan Hunt
GRA "The Unconquerable Man" 2002 (PG) key Holo-Dylan
GRA "Double Or Nothingness" 2003 (PG) one line Double Dylan
GRA "Time Out of Mind" 2003 PG notable Trashy Dylan
Dharma and Greg 2001 (PG) key Charles Sumner
Moving Out 2002 (PG) notable psychiatrist
Clipping Adam 2002 (PG-13) key Father Dan
According to Jim 2003 PG key Daryl Bochner
Hope and Faith 2004 (PG) key Kenny Salo
Bobby Cannon (pilot) 2005 (PG) lead Bobby Cannon
Love, Inc. 2005 R key Father John
Two and a Half Men 2006 (PG-13) notable Andy
Walking Tall: The Payback 2006 R lead Nick Prescott
Walking Tall: Lone Justice 2006 R lead Nick Prescott
Last Chance Cafe 2006 (PG-13) key/lead Chance Coulter
The O.C. 2006 PG key Frank Atwood
Something Beneath 2006 (PG-13) lead Father Douglas Middleton
Avenging Angel 2007 PG lead Preacher
Psych 2007 PG key Byrd Tatums
Meet the Spartans 2007 PG-13 key Captain
Prairie Fever 2007 (PG) lead Preston Biggs
Never Cry Werewolf 2007 (PG-13) key Redd Tucker
Fire From Below 2007 PG-13 lead Jake Denning
An American Carol 2008 PG-13 cameo George Mulrooney
Bitch Slap 2008 (R) cameo/notable Mr. Phoenix
Fear Itself 2008 (?) . notable (?)  
The Middleman 2008 (PG-13) key Guy Goddard
Tommy and the Cool Mule 2008 PG key Dodge Davis
Ex List 2008 (R) key (?) Professor
Lightening Strikes 2008 (R) lead Sheriff Bradley
Paradox 2008 (PG-13) lead Sean Nault
Tales of an Ancient Empire 2009 R lead (key ??) Aedan
Gary Unmarried 2009 (PG-13) notable Seven.
The Conduit 2009 T key Prometheus /voice
God of War III 2009 (T) (key ??) /voice
The Illuminati: Out of Chaos Comes Order 2009 (R) lead Thomas Mant
Flesh Wounds 2009 (R) lead (key ??) .
What If... 2009 (PG) lead Ben Walker

The King of Mykonos

2009 (PG) . .
Sleeping with the Lion (?) (PG-13) lead (key ??) Agent Wiley York
Roles Kevin Sorbo didn't get - and what he thinks on them
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